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Thailand Trip: Slip Slidin' Away

by Elizabeth Browne, continued from previous

The nearer your destination, right?


I’ve just boarded the first of a series of planes that shall take me back home, but I find little or no true comfort in this knowledge. 750 more words

Who says you can’t go home? A large multi-national airline, that's who...

part 1, by Elizabeth Browne

Perhaps my state of mind is unfairly affected by the imbalance of my state of health, my judgement doesn’t feel as sure-footed as usual ~ Some cognitive dissonance at work here? 678 more words

Takhek, LaosPDR: a River Runs Through It

by Elizabeth Browne

A river runs along side of it, actually…Takhek, to be precise, which lies at the end of what can only be the bumpiest, most twisting, turning routes on the face of the earth, IMHO. 522 more words

Bye bye, American Pie

by Elizabeth Browne

Don’t hurry

Don’t worry

Go slow

Stay in the shade…

This may just be the unofficial motto of Laos, PDR. For me, PDR stands for “Pretty Darn Relaxed”… 506 more words