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Angela Carter, Donald Trump and the American Nightmare

John Encarnacao, who lectures in music at Western Sydney University, has written a fascinating article that looks at Angela Carter’s The Passion of New Eve  576 more words

Angela Carter

Elizabeth Hand's "Hard Light" and "Wylding Hall": Art, Crime, Madness and Magic

While Hard Light and Wylding Hall are in different genres—respectively, crime fiction and ghost story—they both engage with the same source material. Both texts engage with the folklore of Britain and subcultures/underground artistic movements. 423 more words

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Review: Black Light, Elizabeth Hand (1999)

Been a while since I posted anything here. Been a while since I finished a book. Oh, I’ve been readin’, but I’m in one of my phases in which I just can’t finish anything. 508 more words

Book Reviews

A Kind of Magic: An Interview with Greg Gifune

Since my adolescence I constantly devour horror fiction – and over the years there arose a natural distinction in my head, between the “good” stuff I was reading and the exceptional one. 1,295 more words

Cass Neary forever.

Elizabeth Hand – “Generation Loss” (353p, ebook/print) This is one of my alltime-favourite novels, because it works on so many levels. This book answers the question what happened to the fans of the grim postpunk-movement in NY, teaches you interesting things of photography as art form and at the core of the book there is a deep, hurting mystery to solve for Cass Neary, the brutal and admirable leading character of this wonderful book. 32 more words