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Reading Wylding Hall

I’ve been a fan of Elizabeth Hand’s fiction for a long time. Waking the Moon, which seems to be a lot of people’s Elizabeth Hand gateway drug (at least, among readers around my age), came out when I was in college. 577 more words


"Fire." by Elizabeth Hand

Read this slim book in one sitting and you’ll get a perfect overview of the career of Elizabeth Hand. There’s the witty, subversive fiction. There’s an autobiographical piece – “Beyond Belief: On Becoming a Writer.” There are two biographical portraits of fine writers who are in danger of slipping out of public consciousness. 348 more words

Book Review

Review: 'Winterlong' by Elizabeth Hand

It is big and it is worth praising …Winterlong is a dense, graceful, bullying book of great length and much skill; it is a live tale, told in a live voice, by an author of muscle and drive and ambition; it shows the depth of talent available in science fiction.

430 more words

Wylding Hall

It’s been a little bit too long since I finished Sunshine to really remember enough (sometimes I have the memory of a metaphorical goldfish, which helps when I want to reread things), but I certainly… 328 more words

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Generation Loss by Elizabeth Hand — Cass Neary was once a young photographer on the burgeoning punk scene who made a name for herself with a ground-breaking book, but a couple of decades later, she’s burnt out, damaged, and still working in the storeroom at the Strand bookstore. 211 more words


Angela Carter, Donald Trump and the American Nightmare

John Encarnacao, who lectures in music at Western Sydney University, has written a fascinating article that looks at Angela Carter’s The Passion of New Eve  576 more words

Angela Carter