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History Senryū 29 Jul 2015

Battle at Gravelines

English fire from long range

Scatters Armada


Edmund Spenser - The Faerie Queene (ctd.)

Redcrosse and Duessa are let to the richly decorated audience hall where they meet Queen Lucifera. She is also richly dressed and beautiful – so concerned with her beauty, in fact, that she is even jealous of the shining of her throne and tries to outperform it, just like Phaethon tried to outperform his father Phoebus as the driver of the sun chariot., with dreadful results. 220 more words


History Senryū 27 Jul 2015


night, fire ships off Calais

Armada blazes


On Not Showing Off: Musical Ladies at Court

The lists of payments to Henry VIIIs court musicians are only to men. We assume that there were no women court musicians, certainly none are named. 1,730 more words


On this day in 1588 - English forces gathered at Tilbury during the Spanish Armada

King Philip II of Spain, once King of England through his marriage to Queen Mary I, authorised a fleet of 130 Spanish ships to set sail for England in the hope of invading and capturing the country, now ruled by Queen Elizabeth I and returning it back to the Catholic ways. 669 more words

Tudor Chronicles

Act 1, Scene 13

Notes on Act 1, Scene 13 – History is Written by the Winners

Shakespeare and The Lady return to centre stage this week, trying to stay on the right side of the Tudor establishment (or heads will no doubt roll). 304 more words

On Reading the Classics

I read Homer and have a thought
Perhaps that Plato also had,
Marvel at Horatian odes
That Marvell loved centuries ago,
Admire a line as did Augustus, 50 more words