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Today in Mary Queen of Scots History

Today in Mary Queen of Scots History.
November 25, 1569. Mary is removed from Tutbury Castle to the walled city of Coventry.

Because of the Catholic Rebellion in the North earlier in November, which focused on Queen Mary as the queen who would take the English throne after Elizabeth was overthrown, the government in London directed Lord Shrewsbury to move Mary Queen of Scots away from Tutbury Castle, which could be easily reached and taken by the rebels, and put the romantic Queen in a more secluded spot. 351 more words

Elizabeth I

I am Elizabeth, the Virgin Queen,

If you cross me you’ll find me very mean.

My father was a Tudor and my mother a Boleyn, 205 more words


Monarchs ought to put to death the authors and instigators of...

Monarchs ought to put to death the authors and instigators of war, as their sworn enemies and as dangers to their states. – Elizabeth I: http://dlvr.it/CqDjN7

Elizabeth I

November 22, 1515 – Birth of Marie de Guise (Consort of James V)

Marie de Guise was a member of the powerful House of Guise – a family that played a major role in 16th Century France.

Marie was married at 18 to Louis II d’Orleans, the Duke of Longueville, then widowed three years later in 1537. 518 more words

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November 17, 1558 – Death of Mary I

November 17, 1558 marked the sad end of Mary I, first Queen Regnant of England (except for Matilda, whose reign was disputed and who was arguably the reason that Henry VIII was so terrified of leaving his kingdom to a daughter…). 326 more words

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#10     Elizabeth I playing the lute, by Nicholas Hilliard

Setting the pace for rocking string instruments and hopeless relationships.  Eat your heart out, Taylor Swift. 199 more words