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Katherine Willoughby, the Puritan Duchess

Maria de Salinas was a lady-in-waiting and close friend to Katherine of Aragon; indeed, she probably came to England with the Spanish princess in 1501 for the marriage to Henry’s older brother, Arthur, Prince of Wales. 1,663 more words

English History

29th April 1559. Elizabethan Settlement.

In April 1570 Queen Elizabeth I was excommunicated by the Pope which placed her in an uncomfortable position vis a vis the Catholics as she came under constant threat. 445 more words


Characters in Motion with Wendy J. Dunn

Often times the best inspiration comes within us. How do you flesh out your characters to drive the plot?

How do I flesh out my characters to drive my plots?  1,336 more words


52:  On Being Melancolie

Nero arrkst me why I’ve told no tales of late.

I sayt, “I’m composing sonnets.  I have no time for trifles.”

Nero cleansed his paws, nibbling between his claws most careful.  721 more words

‘Your great favour, thus oft and so far to send, to know how your poor @@ doth, is greatly beyond the reach of his thanks.’

So begins a certain love letter. The symbols @@ signify the pet name of the sender – they might almost be ‘text-speak’! But there was no Tudor microchip, and lovers might have to resort to code.The relationship between Queen Elizabeth I and her favourite, Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester lasted until his death. 1,322 more words

Shakespeare's Catholicism

St. George’s Day also marked the 400th anniversary of William Shakespeare’s death on 23rd April, 1616. He was baptised on this day, 26th April, 1564. 97 more words

Book Review: Who Killed William Shakespeare?

Who Killed William Shakespeare? The Murderer, The Motive, The Means

by Simon Andrew Stirling

When I first cracked open my copy of Who Killed William Shakespeare? 1,612 more words

Before The Second Sleep