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Jail-breaking Machiavelli 2: Shakespeare & Gaming Kingship

It’s interesting to note how quickly the European elite moved to demonize Machiavelli, mostly because he exposed the hypocrisy of political and ecclesiastical power, its violence and deceit. 2,328 more words


Jail-breaking Machiavelli 1: Lucifer, Elizabeth, Machiavelli

At the suggestion of someone whose opinion I’ve come to value, I started reading Peter Grey’s Lucifer: Princeps, and the book is less about “Lucifer” as a definite presence and more about sovereignty, the Dead, and how we enchant our selves and worlds. 2,589 more words


Sir Walter Ralegh: A Gallant Adventurer

My latest Landing Tales read is technically a newcomer to The Landing, yet has long been on my TBR Pile. If that sounds like a riddle, blame The Bookworm and The Hobbit for the riddling influence. 1,069 more words


Tudors and tulips

In the middle of the Metropolitan Green Belt sits the small village of Chenies.  Seriously small: there are well under 200 inhabitants.  Chenies Manor goes back, in one form or another, at least 800 years, having been in the possession of the Cheyne family.  218 more words

The Virgin Queen's Other Secret

First published two years ago, but just in case you missed it first time round…

In the last half of 16thC England there were to be found two ladies of immense wealth. 1,822 more words

Day By Day

An Unplanned Child

Dudley goes too far…

At Christmas 1562, something altogether untoward happened in Elizabeth’s court. Robert Dudley was back in favour after the highly suspicious death of his wife, Amy Robsart, and so much so that when in 1562 Elizabeth fell ill with smallpox, he was named Protector of the Realm, was granted a vast income, and became a Privy Councillor. 246 more words

Day By Day


Entrance to the tomb of Henry Vll as seen on the opening of the vault in 1869.  Drawing by George Scarf.  

How did James I come to be interred in Henry Vll’s vault?   461 more words

Henry VII