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Sir Philip Sidney, Author of the Finest Love Poems in English Before Shakespeare

Sir Philip Sidney was born at Penhurst, Kent on 30 November 1554. He was the first child of Sir Henry Sidney and his wife, Mary, née Dudley. 1,321 more words

British History

The Religious Policy of Elizabeth I

When Queen Elizabeth I came into reign over England it was unknown as to how she would side religiously. During the reign of her half-brother, Edward VI, she was known as a protestant because he was imposing the Protestant religion over England and during her half-sister Mary I’s Roman Catholic reign Elizabeth was a Catholic. 275 more words

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Religious Wars & The Thirty Years War Notes

Here’re the notes from the end of this unit.- sorry for not putting this up earlier. It slipped my mind.

Wars of Religion Notes

Notes And Homework

Discussion Questions - 'The Other Queen' by Philippa Gregory

  1. Bess describes George and herself as newlyweds happy and in love. On page 2, she says, “Only my newly wedded husband is so dotingly fond of me that he is safe under the same roof as such a temptress.” What is it that first makes Bess uneasy about her husband’s feelings towards Queen Mary?
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In the priest hole

Church, State and Monarch in Elizabethan England were as consubstantial as the Trinity. To hold religious views that did not conform to the established religion was to court danger, disaster and death. 436 more words


How to un-funk a toilet.

Behold! The one appliance in your home that you absolutely cannot do without. Well, you can, you just don’t want to. ‘Outhouses’ are downright unsanitary. You could use the ‘shovel and hole’ method but that’s not really practical if you live in colder climes. 787 more words

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The Persona Quest

So, Lords and Ladies, let me ask you a very short question:

Who are you?

In the SCA most participants build an historic alter-ego called a Persona in whose name and garments they play during interactions in the Current Middle Ages (SCA events, tourneys, wars, etc). 2,191 more words