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81:  Of Wenches and War

Oh, what times we’ve had at our Field of late.  Nero is in a humour blacker than his coat.  He told me (privily) that his old master has been sick again, and like to die. 816 more words

January 15: The Coronation of Elizabeth I

Today, on January 15, in 1559, Elizabeth I was crowned queen of England at Westminster Abbey in London. To commemorate the event, History Today has re-published an… 306 more words

The House Of Tudor

15th January 1559. Elizabethan Transition Time.

There was a need for Queen Elizabeth I to be crowned quickly as Queen ‘Bloody’ Mary had died the previous November and many contenders awaited in the wings.(1) 422 more words


15 January 1559: Elizabeth I is crowned Queen of England

15 January 1559: Elizabeth I is crowned Queen of England

Two months after the death of her half-sister, Queen Mary I, 25-year-old Elizabeth Tudor was crowned Queen Elizabeth I at Westminster Abbey in London,  at  12pm.  23 more words

On This Day

On This Day in History - 15 January

Event- Coronation of Elizabeth I

Year- 1559

Location- Westminster Abbey, London

On this day, 15th January 1559, Elizabeth I was crowned Queen of England in Westminster Abbey.   213 more words


The Coronation of Elizabeth I (1559)

On this day in 1559 (*), Elizabeth was crowned queen in Westminster Abbey in London (see also November 17th posting).

Her coronation procession, which saw her borne amid the throng on a golden litter, paused on its way for the staging of five pageants in her honour. 260 more words

16th Century London

A tale of two women

This post continues our celebration of the THwomen40 anniversary and looks at the importance of two women in the life of Thomas Preston, a former Master of Trinity Hall. 675 more words

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