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A Midleton Mystery: WHERE exactly was Drohidfynnaght?

‘Grant…to John Fitz Gerald Fitz Edmond of Clohermony….of 10 acres between Drohidfynnaght on the east, and the river running from the mill there on the west….’   … 956 more words


August 29, 1588 - Leicester's Last Letter to Elizabeth I

Elizabeth I and Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester, had a long, deep, and complicated relationship. They were childhood friends, and he was one of her favorites (if not her very favorite) when she came to the throne in November 1558. 272 more words


On this day in 1583 - William Latymer died

William Latymer was the third son of William Latymer and his wife Anne and was born in Freston, Suffolk in approximately 1498. His early life is unknown but he first became noticed when he became one of Anne Boleyn’s chaplains and was a patron of the Reformation. 286 more words

Tudor Chronicles

Fairy-tales and Fashion

By Hannah Muirhead

“If I am honest I have to tell you I still read fairy-tales and I like them best of all.”
~Audrey Hepburn~ 403 more words


On this day in 1590 - Pope Sixtus V died

Pope Sixtus V was born 13th December 1521 as Felice Peretti di Montalto at Grottammare. His parents were Pier Gentile and Marianna da Frontillo, they were a poor family. 598 more words

Tudor Chronicles

On this day in 1533 - Anne Boleyn took to her chamber to prepare for the birth of Princess Elizabeth

On 26th August 1533 Anne Boleyn took leave of the court and entered confinement where she would stay until she gave birth. Normally a lady would go to confinement four to six weeks before the anticipated birth of their child. 879 more words

Tudor Chronicles

Edmund Spenser - The Faerie Queene (ctd.)

Arthur manages to find Redcrosse, who is terribly emaciated and worn out by the three months of imprisonment. He gets him out of the cell, and Una rushes to him crying and exclaiming “How could you have found yourself in this terrible situation?” This looks like a rhetorical question to me, since Una is pretty much up to speed with everything that happened to Redcrosse, thanks to the Dwarf. 362 more words