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The Birth of Elizabeth I & Anne Boleyn's Pregnancies

On April 12, 1533, Anne Boleyn appeared before Henry VIII’s court for the first time as queen. She was four months pregnant after a calculated gamble she and Henry took the previous autumn to secretly marry and consummate their relationship. 1,800 more words

The House Of Tudor

Historical Costume in Literature: Kate

Inspired by the character Kate Sutton from Elizabeth Marie Pope’s historical fiction novel The Perilous Gard.


Book Illustration

Ye Olde Mitre**

One of my top five pubs

1 Ely Court, Ely Place,  EC1N 6SJ

Nearest tube: Farringdon


The hook

The first time I tracked down Ye Olde Mitre – at the end of a ridiculous alley that could have been someone’s side passage if only it weren’t too narrow – I was charmed by its hidden-away magic. 709 more words

Magical Man at the Dawn of Science

The Elizabethan age considered itself scientific, indeed the word ‘science’ was used to mean ‘knowledge’. The so called Age of Reason was a much later term applied by historians of science to broad-brush the slow ascent of experimental-based knowledge. 1,956 more words

Silent Eye School

104:  My First Parlement

And what a strange thing it was!

When Paws called for order, a fierce stone-cat leapt onto the wall to serve as our watch.  Though whether he were there to keep us in or others out I knew not. 938 more words

Book Review: Black Tudors by Miranda Kaufmann

Black Tudors: African Lives in Renaissance England by Miranda Kaufmann

It is said that history is written by the winners. While that is certainly true, the more insidious fact is that history is written by those who hold the pen. 450 more words


A Dinner Party of Historical Heroes

What if you invited Elizabeth I and Martin Luther King Jr. to dinner, and they didn’t get along? I was thinking about this after one of those ‘who would you invite to dinner if you could have anyone you wanted?’ things. 1,124 more words