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The amazing Queen Victoria ....

There has been a fabulous drama series on UK TV recently, about the early years of the life of Queen Victoria. I’ve always been fascinated by this period in history, so I’ve discovered some facts about Queen Victoria, to share with you. 383 more words

Olympic Oarsman James Crowden Dies

3 October 2016

James Crowden, former High Sheriff of Cambridgeshire and Isle of Ely and Lord Lieutenant of Cambridgeshire, passed away on 24 September, at the age of 88. 925 more words

Guardsmen In A Row, Part I: On Parade

28 September 2016

Tim Koch, late on parade, reports on a spectacle that he witnessed last June:

Queen Elizabeth II has many titles. A small selection includes Head of the Commonwealth, Queen of Saint Kitts and Nevis, Defender of the Faith, Duke of Normandy, and (in Jamaican Patois) Missis Queen. 910 more words

When high season turned into summer of discontent ...

I. Happy 90th  birthday, Ma’am

Yours, David

2. It’s exit, Ma’am

Yours, David


I love black women because

#iloveblackwomenbecause yall love us, despite some of the dumb shit we do and some of the Uncle Tom's that tell you we dont love ya back.

— Vari. (@Sleepycousteau) April 3, 2016

Beautiful Black Women

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#ILoveBlackWomenbecause they are strong, beautiful, unmatched, Queens. fb_img_1472856814213

Bác sĩ Y khoa trong chiến cuộc tại Syria

          Il n’y pas cinquante manières de faire la guerre. 
                   Il n'y a qu'une seule: la sale

    —-Francois Cavanna

Đào Viên 

1. Một cuộc nội chiến kéo dài. 7,218 more words

Thời Sự

Theresa May - Scraping the bottom of the barrel

While the Finchley Road fraud goes unreported by mainstream news, mafia boss Queen Elizabeth II is steaming ahead consolidating her vice like grip of power over her obedient servants and protecting her family’s sovereignty for the next thousand years. 347 more words

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