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Blacklist(2013): My Penance

Rant in: words ≤200

As I binged through season 2 and season 3 (holidays!), I contemplate how Elizabeth Keen exists solely to test my patience.

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TV Review: The Blacklist Mid-Season Premiere Review

Christmas is done, the New Years resolutions are already being abandoned and the God awful winter hiatus of our favorite shows are finally coming to an end. 281 more words

TV Talk

The Blacklist ART

To begin: I am working on a sort of resolutions post that will be posted within the week, and Happy New Year!  I hope everyone’s holidays were spent to their liking and that some nice memories were made. 106 more words


The Blacklist Season 3 - Kings of the Highway

I have just mentioned in the last post that Red now had an upper hand, and then suddenly all those huge advantages have been thoroughly wiped out in just one episode, and landed Red and Liz in a much more difficult situation than they had ever experienced throughout the whole season. 716 more words


Episode Review: The Blacklist Season 3 Episode 8

Let me just start by saying, I love James Spader. Even if he comes and just says a mere Hello in an entire episode, I would be mesmerized. 401 more words


The Blacklist Season 3 - Zal Bin Hasaan

(Photo: NBC)

Now I understand why this photo is among the teasers for the episode. This episode is all about agent Navabi, her past, her story, and her emotions. 615 more words


The Blacklist Season 3 - Sir Crispin Crandall

There have been quite a few gut wrenching episodes of the Blacklist, and this episode is surely one of them. The concept is really sick – kidnap the most brilliant minds of the time, cut out their brains and freeze them in super low temperature to preserve the brain tissues in hope that one day, those brains can be woken up again and transported to new bodies to continue functioning long after the original bodies had died. 507 more words