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the process of surrendering

The transformational journey is a voyage with a hundred different names: the Odyssey, the Grail quest, the great initiation, the death and rebirth process, the supreme battle, the dark night of the soul, the hero’s journey.

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As I taught my course this past semester, I was increasingly concerned that not all of my students felt comfortable sharing their thoughts and perspectives with the class. 646 more words


Trump for President

You must not abandon the ship in the storm because you cannot control the winds… What you cannot turn to good, you must at least make as little bad as  you can… 288 more words


I Feel Amazing!

The sun is shining! It’s such a beautiful day outside and I feel really inspired! I want to go on an adventure and soak up the joy that the world has to offer! 135 more words


Treasures Inside

It’s interesting since I told him I still had hope for us, we have hardly had any contact.  He came and picked up D on Tuesday morning and then we texted about dog food and Costco later in the day and nothing since.  326 more words

Separation And Divorce

"...chinks in the heart's armor"

As you write the last words of 2014 closing the pages of yet another chapter many say you should write words – all you intend to let go – those seemingly indelible prints on your being, toss them into a warm fire, and leave them behind with the ashes. 223 more words

Live Love Meditate

Look for a way to lift someone up. And if that’s all you do, that’s enough.

– Elizabeth Lesser

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