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Week 50 - 2017

1. After finishing Marque and Reprisal by Elizabeth Moon, I headed to the nearest used bookstore in the hopes that I would find a copy of… 509 more words

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Week 49 - 2017

1. I quite enjoyed Trading in Danger by Elizabeth Moon. I noticed it classed under “military sf,” but it wasn’t quite, because the protagonist got kicked out of the military academy. 536 more words

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Week 48 - 2017

1. Did you know there was a whole Scarlet Pimpernel series? I didn’t until recently, when I was combing Project Gutenberg for classic ebooks. Which is how I came to be reading… 322 more words

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Book Review - Speed of Dark by Elizabeth Moon

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In the near future, disease will be a condition of the past. Most genetic defects will be removed at birth; the remaining during infancy. 728 more words

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Review: The Speed of Dark by Elizabeth Moon

“Everything in my life that I value has been gained at the cost of not saying what I really think and saying what they want me to say.”

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Week 44 - 2017

1. I loved Remnant Population by Elizabeth Moon, loved it. It was a fantastic first contact story, easily as good as Nancy Kress and even in the realm of… 445 more words

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Week 43 - 2017

1. I finished Leia: Princess of Alderaan by Claudia Gray, and I liked it enough to set up a mental flag to read more of her writing.  592 more words

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