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One-Minute Review: The Speed of Dark by Elizabeth Moon

So for all of you looking to pick this book up as a unique twist on a sci-fi trope. This book is…probably not for you. Set in the not so distant future, a pharmaceutical company has found a cure for autism. 208 more words


Sheepfarmer's Daughter (Elizabeth Moon)

Books can be difficult things to pin down. You can read a book that theoretically gets everything right, and still feels somewhat lifeless, as if it’s almost… 825 more words

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Sorry this blog post is late . . . IIterally just got Wi-Fi back about 50 minutes ago. It has been out since Friday night. Eventually I will get this problem sorted, but it is very annoying to say the least. 452 more words


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Zeitoun by Dave Eggars

Zeitoun is not just a story about a natural disaster, it’s the story of a family. The Zeitoun family was living in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina and this true story of their experience will change the way you look at the world.” … 440 more words

What We're Reading This Week

Gender-neutral military service in Elizabeth Moon's Once a Hero

Elizabeth Moon writes sf about the space navy, making combat and military command truly gender-neutral: I did a podcast on her back in 2012. I first came across Moon when she co-wrote volumes 1 and 3 of a space trilogy with Anne McCaffrey, called… 1,613 more words


World War One in Fantastic Fiction: "Tradition"

Tradition“, Elizabeth Moon, 1998

On the outbreak of World War One, two dreadnoughts were being finished up in British shipyards. They had been ordered by the Turkish government and paid for by public subscription. 669 more words

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Wars to End All Wars

Having just finished an alternate history, Clash of Eagles, I decided to read another one. Since I’d just been to the National World War One Museum the day before — and this was on the review pile, I picked this one. 693 more words

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