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U.S. to enter Syrian civil war against both sides

By Larry Duvalier

So, it seems that the United States of America is finally about to enter the Syrian civil war—fighting against both sides, of course (because that makes sense!).  375 more words


McCain Lashes Out at Persecuted Syrian Christians

McCain claims to be motivated by the need to overthrow of Bashar Assad and to establish democracy in Syria, but the fact remains that he is supporting extremists like the Brotherhood and the Syrian Islamist rebels and is hostile to those who are being persecuted by them, like the Syrian Christians.

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Counter Jihad Report

Current EVEntS - Elizabeth O'Bagy Fired for Lying on Her Resume

The Institute for the Study of War (ISW) fired Ms. O’Bagy after it was discovered that, despite her assertions, she did not have a Ph.D. from Georgetown University. 288 more words


John McCain hires Syrian rebel activist Elizabeth O'Bagy

Are you familiar with the name Elizabeth O’Bagy? Readers of America’s Watchtower probably are, but if you are not familiar with the name you should be so here is the back story: 538 more words


Elizabeth O'Bagy's Mistake - She Didn't Seal Her Records - Like Barack Obama Did

Elizabeth O’Bagy, to whose research on the Syrian revolt Secretary of State John Kerry and Senator John McCain both alluded in their arguments for American military force, has been fired from her job with The Institute For Study Of War – for lying about her educational credentials.  236 more words

Arab Spring

Something doesn't smell right about the Elizabeth O'Bagy "résumé lie"

As I have said repeatedly, this is not a political blog. I have political views; this blog is not the proper forum for them. If St. 593 more words