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I Saw the Light

I think that I had said it somewhere one other time, I am sucker for Biographies, movies about historical Music icons (even if I don’t like the genre), movies about food, and movies about sports.   236 more words


Former 'GOT' star Gethin Anthony suits up in Toronto

Pop Goes The News — Former Game of Thrones star Gethin Anthony traded his armour and crown for some leather and chains this week in Toronto. 215 more words


Godzilla (2014) - slice

The thing about Gareth Edwards’ version is that it really does not care about its story. As far as the narrative goes, it comes to its audience and says, “hey, this is a film about three huge monsters destroying everything, so shut the fuck up and watch.” There are plot holes everywhere, characters are as one dimensional as they can be, some shoddy attempt at relating Godzilla to the atomic regret, and really, the ending is a mess. 389 more words


Liberal Arts


Newly single and uninspired by his job in college admissions, the introverted Jesse Fisher (Josh Radnor) lives with his head buried in a book. His deep nostalgia for his own alma mater in Ohio – the dining halls and dorm rooms, the parties and poetry seminars – makes him wonder if his best days are behind him. 317 more words

Movie Reviews

Red Lights (2012)

A pair of paranormal investigators who specialise in debunking self-proclaimed clairvoyants go head to head with a renowned psychic who comes out of retirement.

Rodrigo Cortes’ supernaturally themed thriller has many of the hallmarks of the projects of the likes of M. 136 more words