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Review - Sleep books

Little Man has not been a great sleeper, ever. Even at 9 and a half months old, he still hasn’t slept through the night, not even once. 476 more words

My Mission for More Sleep - Sweet SUCCESS on Night Four!

When I say success, I mean SUCCESS!!!  Baby J slept for more than four consecutive hours.  Not to be dramatic or anything, but…I felt as though the sky opened up and light was shining down upon me when I realized that my baby was sleeping.  1,731 more words


My Mission For More Sleep - Night Two

Since Day One of sleep training was a flop, I decided to go to the library to check out a few books on the topic of sleep training.  1,035 more words


Smarty-pants Mrs. Pantley

When my daughter was six months old, she stopped sleeping through the night. The word, stopped, is not a typo. She was one of those freakishly strange children who started sleeping through the night at the very young age of eight weeks. 1,021 more words


To dream a dream.

Wish I had time to read this but ironically my daughter won’t sleep so I don’t have time to do anything at the moment! More posts soon – promise!


A Pantley Success Story

“We co-slept using a co-sleeper in the beginning and I always nursed on demand.  However, it wasn’t long before Baby Bear developed a nursing-to-sleep association and I became a very tired Mama.   259 more words