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Review - Sleep books

Little Man has not been a great sleeper, ever. Even at 9 and a half months old, he still hasn’t slept through the night, not even once. 476 more words

Smarty-pants Mrs. Pantley

When my daughter was six months old, she stopped sleeping through the night. The word, stopped, is not a typo. She was one of those freakishly strange children who started sleeping through the night at the very young age of eight weeks. 1,021 more words


To dream a dream.

Wish I had time to read this but ironically my daughter won’t sleep so I don’t have time to do anything at the moment! More posts soon – promise!


A Pantley Success Story

“We co-slept using a co-sleeper in the beginning and I always nursed on demand.  However, it wasn’t long before Baby Bear developed a nursing-to-sleep association and I became a very tired Mama.   259 more words

Day 1: Bedtime routines, napping and being generally disorganised.

Yesterday I started my new and improved regime. I was determined to help Freddie sleep for 2 naps of 1.5 – 2 hours each. I’ve read about sleep cycles and I know that the first time Freddie seems to wake from his nap, the chances are that he had just completed a sleep cycle and I needed to help him back to sleep again. 296 more words


Early days

So. How’s it going then?

If you are going to follow an ‘experts’ method, then you’ve got to read the method first right? So I have been reading Pantley’s introduction and her initial instructions and suggestions about getting started. 342 more words