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Elizabeth Shaw: Thoughtfulness campaign & competition

I am taking part in a campaign by Elizabeth Shaw (yes the chocolate company!) which is focused on thoughtfulness and consideration.

The campaign coincides with the twice yearly clock change next week (October 30th) when the clocks go back an hour and we gain an extra hour. 370 more words

Food And Drink

Elizabeth Shaw Salted Caramel Crisp

For some strange reason, Elizabeth Shaw chocolates are something I only seem to buy when the Christmas goodies appear on the shelves. To be fair that’s a good quarter of the year now, but despite always being available anyway I never usually buy them. 233 more words


Elizabeth Shaw Christmas Creations

When you think of Christmas chocolates it’s normally Roses, Heroes, Celebrations and Quality Street that come to mind. It’s just me and Mr.1T at home, we bought a massive tub of Quality Street last Christmas and I swear to God there are still some left. 411 more words


Classic Who season 7 Trailer

This is a very tense and amazing trailer. I’d watch. As good as a new who trailer, if not better than some. That is a very hard thing to do for a classic who trailer.

A Funny Fan Thing

So…..Make of this what you will. The third doctor’s companion meets the third reich. There is no way to describe this silly, yet quite imaginative video.