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Call Up the Craftsmen, Bring Me the Draftsmen*

There’s something about handmade, custom-created things. There’s a personal touch that you don’t see in machine-made products. And when you’re fortunate enough to have something custom made, you know what a difference that extra effort and personal touch can make. 1,016 more words


Wanna See My Picture on the Cover*

Several cultures place a premium on fame. Perhaps that’s at least in part because fame is often seen as a mark of individual achievement. Name recognition is often a status symbol, too. 1,194 more words

Agatha Christie

Book Reviews: A few Cozy Mysteries

Thanks to Amazon.in and Kindle, I have developed a sudden and strong affinity towards quick, cozy murder mysteries. I am on a reading spree of all these books like a voracious yet starved reader who can’t get enough. 592 more words


Now Paul is a Real Estate Novelist*

If you’ve ever moved house (and most of us have), you know what a complicated, exhausting and sometimes thoroughly frustrating process it is. But there are plenty of people who make their living in that industry. 1,089 more words

Agatha Christie

It's Late in the Evening*

Plenty of real and fictional crime happens in broad daylight. But most people associate crime with night. We’re more vulnerable at night; and, since a lot of people are at home then, public areas are less populated. 1,068 more words

Agatha Christie

Still These Allergies Remain*

Autumn (or spring, depending on which hemisphere you call home) is upon us. And that means one important thing: allergies. If you’re subject to allergy attacks, you know how miserable they can make you. 954 more words

Agatha Christie

Girl, I'm On Your Side*

Sometimes we all benefit from the guidance of someone who’s more experienced and knowledgeable. Those mentor relationships are often organic, and they benefit both people involved, really. 1,448 more words

Agatha Christie