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Progressive Dinner Deadly – Elizabeth Spann Craig

To the residents of the sleepy town of Bradley, North Carolina, hardworking Jill Caulfield seemed beyond reproach. She volunteered at the women’s shelter, worked at the church preschool, cleaned houses for extra money, and actually enjoyed yard work. 84 more words


People Livin' in Competition*

A recent post from Bill Selnes, who blogs at Mysteries and More From Saskatchewan, has got me thinking about competitiveness. Bill’s post, which you really should read, discusses competitiveness in attorneys. 1,085 more words


Wouldn't You Like to Get Away*

If you think about it, most people have three major ‘places’ where they spend most of their time. That usually means three major social networks. One of them is, of course, home and family. 1,215 more words

Agatha Christie

The City Council is Very Alarmed*

A national government can only do so much, especially in a country with a large, or a scattered, population. So, many of the day-to-day decision making is done by smaller groups like city or town councils. 1,161 more words


Like a Tree, Ability Will Bloom and Grow*

I’ll bet you’ve had the experience. You enjoy skiing, and you’ve tackled some challenging runs. Then, you don’t get the chance to ski for a while. 1,050 more words

Agatha Christie

book review: Progressive Dinner Deadly

While the pacing and overall story was interesting, the characters were too cliche. I was looking forward to an elder women detective and I got a nosy, nasty tempered old biddy. 6 more words