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The First Step

Dear Reader,

This blog is my open letter to the world. For the entire month of December, i am embarking on a journey in search of justice. 282 more words


Garrett Clayton And Elizabeth Stanton Go Rock Climbing! (@GarrettClayton1)(@LizMStanton)

Garrett Clayton recently uploaded a picture of himself rock climbing with Elizabeth Stanton! With this he wrote “Rock climbing. @lizmstanton #ToTheTop.”

How fun!

The Power of the Implementation of a Radical Idea

Susan B. Anthony is widely well known name in American society, but may not be fully understood to extent she accomplished for women’s rights or the other women activists that fought along with her. 357 more words

Political Light Shed

A Wry Look at Why Foreign Policy Can't Compete with the Golden Globes

Tucker Carlson explains why it’s hard to put catchy titles on foreign affairs events:

“There are legitimate, even powerful arguments, to be made against … administration’s foreign policy. 205 more words

Public Diplomacy

Elizabeth Stanton Is Having A Blast In The Bahamas! (@lizmstanton)

Elizabeth Stanton recently tweeted a picture of herself looking fabulous as usual with the Sulkin brothers in the Bahamas! With this she wrote “Bahamas with these boys!  8 more words

Breaking Down Common Misconceptions #2

Sorry for the time lag from the last post, but exams have taken priority. However now my exams have finished, I can get back writing about what’s really important – pro life issues! 708 more words