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Owen often uses stills images from Hollywood films to alter the viewers perspective of the scene: maybe we should spend a Sunday afternoon watching these classics to visualise the missing central characters… 17 more words

Jonathan Owen

Stephen Boyd attends the London Premiere of "Cleopatra" July 31, 1963

On July 31 of 1963, Stephen attended the London opening of the  Twentieth Century Fox epic, Cleopatra. What a good sport! Stephen was originally set to play the main male character Mark Anthony, but due to Taylor’s long illness during the filming of the movie in London during 1960, Stephen,  as well as most of the rest of the original cast, moved on to other projects.  258 more words

Stephen Boyd

Retro Reels: A Place In the Sun (1951)

In the drama A Place in the Sun, Montgomery Clift plays George Eastman. Though related to a rich industrialist named Charles Eastman, George is looked down upon because his family is poor. 713 more words

The Books That Built the Blogger with Heaven Ali!

Today on The Books That Built the Blogger, I have the fantastic Ali from HeavenAli blog. I love Ali’s blog so much – she has a wonderful mix of classic and new books and it is because of Ali that I finally made an effort to read Edith Wharton, Virginia Woolf and Molly Keane. 1,422 more words

Books That Built The Blogger

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Fiction first: ‘The Witch Finder’s Sister’ by Beth Underdown. Great reviews for this spooky tale of witch hunting madness in 1645 Essex. I’ve always loved ‘Witchfinder General’, the classic 1968 Michael Reeves film starring Vincent Price as Matthew Hopkins – and this novel looks at his real life torture of ‘witches’ through the eyes of his sister, Alice. 254 more words

Elizabeth Taylor

Deal Me In: Week 11, Elizabeth Taylor: "Spry Old Character"

Taylor continues her streak of heart-breaking stories with “Spry Old Character,” about a man, Harry, who has been forced by circumstances (his sister’s death) to live in “The Home For The Blind,” where not a week passes without some “dispiriting jollity being forced upon him.” 327 more words

Short Stories: Deal Me In

Dolores Faith 1941 - 1990

Dolores Faith: American actress born 15 Jul 1941, Cleveland Ohio; died 25 Feb 1990, Dade Florida. On screen 1961 – 1966 including “The Phantom Planet” (1961) and “V.D.” (1961) and “That Tennessee Beat” (1966).