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Amid Rampant Racism & Police Brutality, Al Sharpton's NAN Organization to form in Oklahoma City May 16th

In response to rampant racism & police brutality against black Oklahomans, Al Sharpton’s civil rights organization NAN is setting up chapter in Oklahoma City (for the OKC & Southern Oklahoma area) on May 16th. 56 more words

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Elizabeth Williams number four pick in WNBA draft tonight

(WAVY) – Duke’s 6-foot-3 center Elizabeth Williams, a four time All America and graduate of Princess Anne High School in Virginia Beach was the number two pick by the Connecticut Sun in tonight’s WNBA draft. 219 more words

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My 2015 WNBA Mock Draft

1. Seattle Storm – Jewell Loyd, G, Notre Dame

Jewell Loyd is the consensus number one pick this year. Dubbed the “Lady Kobe” for a reason Loyd can create chances for herself and other just by her own shooting ability. 2,068 more words

Atlanta Dream

Fixing the Customer Experience Part IV - Where to Start

Enough whining. Time to solve the messy experience thing. Now that the Customer Experience is safely in the hands of the marketing department, it’s time to figure out where to start with the fixing of  it. 703 more words

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Three Reasons Customer Experience Management Fails - Part II

Last week we looked at Customer Experience management (CEM) and the three reasons I think we’re doing it wrong. Reason #1 was forgetting that at the beginning, middle and end of all customer experiences is emotion. 816 more words

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Three Reasons Customer Experience Management Fails

If you have nothing better to do sometime, pour a nice glass of wine and curl up with Arizona State’s Rage Study . The most recent edition is from 2013 and it tells us that almost $76-billion in revenue is at risk thanks to “extremely” and “very” upset US households who called to complain about something. 658 more words


Only You Can Prevent Feature Puke

If you want to have fun at an otherwise dull wedding or corporate event, try to sit next to a professional event planner. When they aren’t trying to plan their own events, they can be found sitting in the back of other people’s events dishing out the catty remarks that make the back row so much fun. 774 more words

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