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Preference and Its Pylons

Marketers can sure get in our own ways when we try to create preference. We clap on and on about our great customer service and low prices but we don’t always remember to mention the problem we are solving. 1,060 more words


Awareness Plus Fatigue Does Not Equal Consideration

Consider this: most people don’t give a sh*t about whatever it is you are trying to sell.  They just don’t. There is only so much room in any given brain to give a sh*t about stuff, and you’re up against stuff like Game of Thrones, videos of Russian car accidents and, for B2B,  dialing into conference calls wearing only a dollar-store tiara. 769 more words

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Sometimes Marketing Should Whisper

I don’t know about you, but I’m about hoarse from all the yelling I’ve been doing lately.

What with radio, OOH and a bunch of SEM stuff, I’ve been screaming for quite a few weeks now.  524 more words


From Our Records: Preserving Archives

This time of the year is known as hurricane season in the Caribbean.  Disasters can emerge at the drop of the proverbial hat.  A nice sunny day could suddenly erupt into bleak and stormy.  255 more words

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Why Candy Crush is Eating Your Brain

I am worried that Candy Crush is eating our brains. I used to worry that email was eating our brains; now I’m pretty sure it’s that horrible game. 1,268 more words

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The Fish in the Barrel Don't Like it When You Shoot

We marketers just love a captive audience, don’t we? We like them strapped into pressurized metal tubes at 35,000 feet with nothing to look at but a tiny screen or a drooling neighbor. 829 more words

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The Agony of Defeat: Why Lost Business Reporting Isn’t  Helpful

Do you get the Win-Loss report? You really ought to get yourself on that list. If you don’t know the Win-Loss, it’s the document your friends in sales create each month or, sometimes, each quarter that lists all the business they’ve won, lost or are waiting to hear about. 822 more words

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