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New semester musings

A new university year is about to start here in the UK and it’s exciting.  This week has felt like a steady march in terms of keeping up with the different ‘to do’ lists. 356 more words

PhD Experiences

Final Year Annual Review (duh!)

Annual Reviews in my department are yearly meetings where students discuss their progress with an independent reviewer in the presence of their supervisory team. These are meant to occur at the end of each academic year in order to identify any potential issues that may make progress difficult. 610 more words


Day 22: Rescheduling and switching gears

I’ve been busy the last few weeks really ramping up the work I’m doing on this thesis.  Not just writing and getting words down on paper but actually…thinking. 264 more words


Working towards a full draft: Day 89

Methodology chapter done…almost. ALMOST!!! I’ve divided this chapter into two main sections: the rationale for the methodological approach that I used and the research report, which is  a descriptive, transparent account of the data generation phase.   199 more words


30-day challenge

33 months to go, estimated books and articles to be read: approximately a small bedroom room full (or so it seems).

Ever so often I sit down in front of my pile of books I so carefully transported from the book shelf in the library to the book shelf in my office, consider reading them for about five minutes, then decide that it’s time for coffee before I finally open the browser  on my computer and read about other people doing their phds. 128 more words

Jessica Frye

Working towards a full draft: Day 97

April has been a very busy month to say the least and a rather pivotal one.  In the UK, PhD programmes are typically 36 months (or 3 years), full time.   550 more words


End of week ramble: March madness (a.k.a. Is it spring break yet?)

I’m not sure where February went. I’m sure it happened. My sense of reality has been slightly skewed since embarking on the data analysis process.  Seems that everything I see looks like a code.   286 more words

PhD Experiences