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So as mentioned in my previous post,  I had picked up a couple of Elk calls before the hunt.  One of the calls was the PRIMOS HOOCHIE® MAMA.   209 more words


Elk Hunt, an early season blessing.

I usually take pride in my self proclaimed ability to move quietly through the woods for a 260 Pound guy ….   That Tuesday morning I’m pretty sure I sounded like an entire marching band to every Elk within a 5 mile radius.   343 more words


Tiny Sketchbook Chronicles: Mammoth Springs

Mammoth Springs, in addition to having one of the best mountain overlooks, boasted a lovely population of resident lady elk. Apparently they come down in the autumn to enjoy the lawns and await their elk fellas, who mosey over in the breeding season. 42 more words


Forwarding Logs From All Containers Running Anywhere Inside A Docker Swarm Cluster

In this article, we’ll discuss a way to forward logs from containers created as Docker Swarm services inside our clusters. We’ll use the ELK stack. They’ll be forwarded from containers to LogStash and, from there, to ElasticSearch. 1,740 more words


Drawing: Spirits

Hello friends, I hope life has been good. Here’s a drawing I recently made for the inktober challenge. Hope you enjoy it! -Jacob


Ten X Campground

The Grand Canyon was beautiful, and of course grand, but I ended up taking just as many pictures at the Ten X Campground due to the chillest herd of elk in the lower 48. 132 more words