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Longs' Elk

Rocky Mountain National Park is home to hundreds of Elk. During the mating season they all gather into large herds and can turn the park’s roads into parking lots. 47 more words


Getting Into Elk Shape

Below is an excerpt from an article I wrote for goHUNT.com:

Now is the time to start planning every meticulous detail of your elk hunting season, whether it is over-the-counter or draw tags. 202 more words


Elk Girls Just Want to Have Fun

These elk calves in this wildlife video are so cute playing in someone’s yard.  They are a year old now.

Roosevelt Elk

Chased by an angry bull elk

What is it with me and animals around here in the early morning? And this after narrowly missing coming across a grizzly bear on a trail (another runner hollered at me to not go any further down a path). Yeesh.


Log Searching and Analysis with Tutum and an ELK

It’s 3 am and you get a text notifying you that your website is not responding. You roll out of bed, double check your website and sure enough, you are seeing a 500 error too. 1,950 more words


Yearling elk getting their antlers

I got out early today to see if the elk were still hanging around where I saw them bedded down last evening.  I didn’t find any newborn calves but there were a couple yearlings showing their new antlers. 130 more words