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Our surrogate-raised sea otters are helping restore a wetland

Otter 501 meanders through the tidal creeks near Yampah Island in Elkhorn Slough with a dozing pup on her chest. She massages the pup’s rump and blows air into its fur as she makes her way toward a main channel to feed. 1,184 more words

Monterey Bay Aquarium

Monterey, CA

Okay! Day 2! (which comes after Day 1…)

Wake up, eat, hop in the #beepjeep. Destination? Elkhorn Slough

“Slew” for you plebs who pronounce the –ough like the –ough in cough. 300 more words


Elkhorn Slough

Last week I spent a few hours out on boat on  an Elkhorn Slough Safari with friends from my volunteer organization, the EMQ Auxiliary.

Elkhorn Slough is one of California’s largest wetlands and part of a National Estuarine Reserve located in central Monterey Bay, California, just a short trip from the Monterey Peninsula and the Santa Cruz area. 101 more words


Kayaking in Elkhorn Slough

Put on your life jacket, grab your paddles, and get ready to have a great time on the water at Elkhorn Slough. This 7-mile tidal slough harbors one of the largest stretches of tidal salt marsh in California. 268 more words

Recreational Activities

Quest of the Pelicans

On Wednesday I went on a wonderful outing to Elkhorn Slough with friends and we saw wonderful wildlife.  I will be posting more pictures on my site, but am contributing this one of brown pelicans in flight to  41 more words

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The Grand Canyon of Monterey Bay

Imagine the Grand Canyon a mile beneath the ocean, where pinnipeds, cetaceans and other marine mammals reign. This curious world, the deepest submarine canyon in North America, carves into the continental shelf within just a few hundred feet of the coastline of Monterey Bay. 545 more words

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