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Ella Minnow Pea Redux or, My keys won' work

Computer problems. They happen. They happened to me last week. Bad ones, very bad.

I acted with my usual grace under pressure, but I don’t want to talk about them. 881 more words

Ella Minnow Pea by Mark Dunn

Title: Ella Minnow Pea
Author: Mark Dunn
Pages: 205
Year: 2001
Publisher: MacAdam/Cage
Time taken to read: 31 hours
Rating: 5/5

Goodreads synopsis: Ella Minnow Pea is an epistolary novel set in the fictional island of Nollop situated off the coast of South Carolina and home to the inventor of the pangram The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over The Lazy Dog. 599 more words

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Ella Minow Pea: A Novel in Letters

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Ella Minnow Pea By Mark Dunn

Genre: Literary Fiction

Publisher: Anchor

Description from Amazon: Ella Minnow Pea is a girl living happily on the fictional island of Nollop off the coast of South Carolina. 382 more words

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Book #27

Lately I’ve found myself struggling. While the books that I have been reading have been interesting, and I’ve enjoyed spending time reading (most of) them, I haven’t really become completely engrossed in anything for a while. 211 more words

Review: Ella Minnow Pea by Mark Dunn

Ella Minnow Pea is a girl living happily on the fictional island of Nollop off the coast of South Carolina. Nollop was named after Nevin Nollop, author of the immortal pangram,* “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.” Now Ella finds herself acting to save her friends, family, and fellow citizens from the encroaching totalitarianism of the island’s Council, which has banned the use of certain letters of the alphabet as they fall from a memorial statue of Nevin Nollop. 323 more words

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One foot inside the door and immediately, I forget everything. Every thought of past and future detonates. All that matters is now. My eyes drink everything in and a quiet excitement takes over me. 286 more words


Friday Favorites #4

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1. Soft Scrub with Bleach
Moving into a college apartment means you kind of take what you can get. 561 more words

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