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///- revisiting this wacky flick from 1984

'Animal Kingdom' Gets Season 2 Premiere Date & Unveils First-Look Promo

“You just have to let them think they have the power … but they never do.” So begins a promo for Season 2 of hit drama series… 115 more words

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The Big Easy

Dennis Quaid, he’s a puzzler. He has a natural charisma that transfers so easily to the movie screen, it’s like he isn’t even trying. But then there’s the films where it’s truly like he isn’t even trying. 67 more words

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The Big Easy

Film Title

The Big Easy


Jim McBride


  • Dennis Quaid as Remy McSwain
  • Ellen Barkin as Anne Osborne
  • Ned Beatty as Captain Jack Kellom…
  • 958 more words
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A Look Back: This Boy's Life

Two years ago, moviegoers had a prime opportunity to see Leonardo DiCaprio play a brave frontiersman who gets dramatically mauled by a bear. It was a masterful performance which earned him an Oscar. 531 more words

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Diner (1982), Barry Levinson

A wonderfully acted, thought-provoking movie, Barry Levinson’s 1982 Diner delves into the minds of young people and focus on the apparent dichotomy between the natural inclination towards rebellion and the necessity of conforming to a life of acceptance and responsibility. 1,002 more words

The Big Easy (1986, Jim McBride)

There’s not much script structure like The Big Easy’s script structure. It’s an exceptionally constructed screenplay. The film’s great, but it all hinges on how Daniel Petrie Jr.’s script works. 668 more words