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Tremontaine: Into the Woods / Behind The Mask

I’ve fallen behind on Tremontaine, so it’s time to quickly catch up! In Into the Woods, a party of nobles celebrate midwinter at Diane’s hunting lodge in the woods, but the Land calls for blood during the White Days and someone will have to pay the price. 886 more words


Tremontaine: My Life for Your Life

Rafe and Reza are men about town, while Kaab gains a startling insight into the Duchess and hunts down her wayward spy. We’re coming up to mid-season and inter-relationships are starting to get complicated, with hints of unexpected alliances as new friendships develop. 1,210 more words


Tremontaine: Every Face A Forgery

This week’s episode is a warning to guard our hearts. Diane’s former mantra – attachment is a weakness – may come back to haunt all our beloved characters. 881 more words


Ellen Kushner et al., Tremontaine

When one finds oneself stalling with thirty pages left in a book, there may be two causes. First is that you love it so much you don’t want to finish it; second is that it hasn’t enthralled you and the length of your subway ride has been the only thing impelling you to finish. 631 more words

Book Reviews

Tremontaine: Night of the Flames

While Riverside revels in being released from its siege (and Tess tries to keep it from revelling in ways that would see the siege reinstated), the City – and Rafe – prepare to party through the Night of the Flames. 1,038 more words


Departures (Tremontaine S1 Ep13) REVIEW

Departures by Ellen Kushner

Published January 27th 2016

Genre: Fantasy

Pages: 64

Source: Netgalley – in exchange for an honest review

Kaab triumphant. Diane ascendant. And Rafe gets a consolation prize.

139 more words

Tremontaine: The Bridge

In Riverside, the only true loyalty is to Riverside. Tess and the Salamander give Shade an impossible choice in an attempt to end the stalemate. Meanwhile, Rafe’s plans for his school begin to take shape, while Kaab continues to grow into her new role. 757 more words