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The rope to the ivory tower

The other day my father told me: “that blog of yours…not much activity there lately, huh? And…you claim that it’s about the process, but I see almost nothing of your work or your own ideas in it.” 184 more words

Ellen Ringstad

Lost and found in transmission

Having my family scattered across different timezones means I get the added privilege of experiencing New Year’s firework transmissions multiple times in one day – online through Skype, lagged and pixelated. 41 more words

Ellen Ringstad


“Truth speaks best in the language of poetry and symbolism, I think.”
– Grant Morrison: The Invisibles

Ellen Ringstad

Confessions of a Conjuror

“A magician could easily enough create the illusion of an object picking itself up, playing itself or being thrown into the air, and an audience would perhaps be amused but no doubt presume wires or the usual trickery. 223 more words


Happiness vs Meaningfulness

Roy F. Baumeister and a team of social psychologists recently studied the distinction:

If happiness is about getting what you want, it appears that meaningfulness is about doing things that express yourself.

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Find a grave with your name on it

Ok. We all do it, right? Google ourselves? Today I found a tombstone with my name on, uploaded to www.findagrave.com.

Ellen Ringstad