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Kanye West's rant on Ellen and his idea of ending bullying by making fashion more affordable for kids.

I watched Kanye’s rant during the Ellen Degeneres show and I too thought it was a bit over the top. While I like his vision for stopping bullying in school’s by making fashionable clothing “more affordable” for kids, he seem’s to be aiding in the problem. 93 more words


Another Finding Dory Trailer Premieres on Ellen

It’s getting pretty easy to find Finding Dory trailers; all you have to do is watch The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Today, the talk show–whose host voices the movie’s titular fish–premiered a new trailer for the highly anticipated Finding Nemo sequel. 47 more words


What Kanye West Meant on Ellen about Bullying

I have been down on Kanye West since his narcissisticĀ antics turned him into the mad genius who seemed to put himself on the same platform as God, but after watching Kanye on Ellen, I changed my opinion about him a bit. 778 more words


Blake Shelton performs She's Got A Way With Words

Blake Shelton visited the Ellen show yesterday and honestly, seemed a little tense. I’m just so used to seeing him laid back I guess. He’s out promoting his new album “If I’m Honest” and I’m wondering if he’s tense because this album is so personal to him. 126 more words


WATCH: Blake Shelton Told Ellen WHAT?

What was Blake thinking this year, putting together the new album? What’s his outlook for the next few months?

What was the only reason he wrote the duet with Gwen Stefani? 17 more words


0 to 100 REAL QUICK

Alright so here’s the deal, I am a HUGE Drake fan. Why? I do not know. Just look at him. Nom. Nom. Nom. That should be reason enough right there. 358 more words


Kanye Keeps it Real

All aboard the Kanye Crazy Train! He’s back baby, and he’s better than ever. Dude’s got a real knack for going on the corniest talk shows in the world and making them Must-See-TV. 241 more words

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