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The Adventure of the Inner Circle (1947)

We skip over December, for now, kind of. Although the story involves The Janus Club, most of the action takes place in December. But who’s counting? 191 more words

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The Adventure of the Telltale Bottle (1946)

November means Thanksgiving, and the story starts with Ellery humbugging the holiday. Ellery tells Nikki, “I say, if we must celebrate Thanksgiving, let us give thanks to the red man, whose land we took away. 156 more words

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Face To Face by Ellery Queen

Roberta West has a problem. A while ago, she fell for the lothario “Count” Armando, a man currently wed to the chanteuse Glory Guild. He proposed that Glory needed to be killed for their future happiness, but, as he would be the prime suspect, he would arrange a cast-iron alibi for himself while Roberta did the deed. 800 more words

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The Adventure of the Dead Cat (1946)

Right on the heels of the back-to school September story comes the Halloween story. Like the story before it, the mystery is staged for Ellery’s benefit. 61 more words

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The Adventure of the Three R's (1946)

Beginning in the September, 1946 issue of Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine, the cousins adapted several of their radio scripts to short story form, with the plan to collect them into a themed anthology. 294 more words

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Georges Simenon in Penguin

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A simple wordcloud, when it displays hierarchically structured information, can tell instantly something both very significant and  onerous to establish otherwise.   100 more words


The Murderer is a Fox (1945)

So, here was “The Greatest Generation” finishing up World War II, welcomed home to great applause, and Ellery Queen writes a novel about that which includes, front and center, the issue of… 711 more words

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