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The King Is Dead by Ellery Queen

A peaceful evening at the Queen household is cut short by the arrival of some uninvited guests. Soon Ellery and his father are winging their way to the mysterious Bendigo Island, recruited by Abel Bendigo to protect his even-more-oddly named brother, King Bendigo. 428 more words

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Os Gatos e o Crime - 3

Prosseguimos gostosamente a publicação desta série, repescada (com alguns aditamentos) dos arquivos de Gatos, Gatinhos e Gatarrões, blogue orientado por Catherine Labey.

Célebre solucionador de enigmas, o próprio… 865 more words

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The Dragon's Teeth (1939)

And then came The Dragon’s Teeth, which ended Ellery’s Hollywood era, and simultaneously sent Ellery’s career on a totally new and interesting direction, even if only for the duration of this one novel. 389 more words

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Trojan Horse (1939)

The last in the four-part sports mysteries involves college football, and one donor’s obsession with his alma mater’s team.

This was also the story where Paula Paris brings up the subject of marriage: “Will you say such things when we’re married?” After Ellery chokes in visible shock, Paula backs off. 212 more words

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Mind Over Matter (1939)

The third of the Ellery Queen sports mystery short stories, with special guest Paula Paris, takes place at a New York City boxing match. Certainly better than the previous entry in the series, it still is not one of the cousins’ better pieces. 164 more words

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Man Bites Dog (1939)

A simple piece of fluff interesting for the continuation of Ellery and Paula’s relationship, and for Ellery’s cross-over into the sports fiction genre, which was so popular during the 1930s, that there were… 216 more words

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The Adventures of Ellery Queen (1939-1948)

In 1938, Frederic Dannay and Manfred Lee began writing scripts for radio shows.  They broke their teeth writing for Alias Jimmy Valentine and The Shadow… 270 more words

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