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The President Regrets (1965)

Here comes the second outing of the Puzzle Club with Ellery’s involvement. In the first Puzzle Club story, Ellery met three of the four other members. 74 more words

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Abraham Lincoln's Clue (1965)

Ellery loves to dig up historical figures and insert them into mysteries. George Washington appeared in “The Adventure of the Half-Disme” (1947), and Captain Kidd’s treasure was in “The Adventure of the Needle’s Eye”(1951). 76 more words

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Uncle From Australia (1965)

The Uncle From Australia is another case of three heirs accused of murdering their wealthy relative. The family name is Hall, and the man’s dying clue identifies the culprit as “Hall.” Not very helpful, until Ellery remembers that the uncle ism from Australia, and therefore has a stereotypical Australian accent, which, of course, explains it all.

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The Fourth Side of the Triangle (1965)

“Dad, have I ever steered you wrong?”
“Thousands of times,” the Inspector replied, “thousands.”
“Name one.”
“Sure. There was the time—“
“Never mind,” Ellery said. 435 more words

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Sends Shivers Down My Spine*

Committing murder isn’t easy for most people. In fact, in real life, most of us would be horrified, or at least badly affected, by having taken a life. 1,217 more words

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Dead Ringer (1965)

This story has Ellery once again helping out government agents. They’ve replaced a tobacconist with a similar looking agent, who winds up dead. Smoked, as it were. 28 more words

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The Little Spy (1965)

This story introduces a social life into Ellery’s barely defined existence. The Puzzle Club, an exclusive group of Alpha Males, invite Ellery to join, and haze him with an invented mystery. 26 more words

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