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Typing Ellery Queen

This is my final post on Ellery Queen for the Tuesday Night Bloggers and for the past three weeks I have been pondering how to analyse the character of Ellery Queen himself and it has only been in the last week I have been inspired with an idea. 1,849 more words

Ellery Queen

Sleuths From My Youth

When I was a kid Murder Mysteries where the thing to watch. I remember hours and hours of various sleuth watching and there are quite a few of them I loved from the beginning. 677 more words

‘The Adventure of the Dauphin’s Doll’ (1948) by Ellery Queen

For the past couple of weeks I have been focusing on the novels by Ellery Queen, but this week for the Tuesday Night Bloggers, I am looking at one of their short stories. 839 more words

Detective Fiction

Did Ellery Queen ever escape the Golden Age of Detection?

The aim of my second Ellery Queen post for the Tuesday Night Bloggers is to throw an idea out and examine from a nuts and bolts perspective how much the Ellery Queen novels changed during the series. 1,978 more words

Detective Fiction

A Disturbing Trip to Hollywood in Ellery Queen's The Origin of Evil (1951)

The Hollywood setting of The Origin of Evil (1951) is implied from the first pages in the cast list which mimics film blurb descriptions, which try to create intrigue such as ‘Crowe MacGowan: Delia’s strapping son by a former marriage, and a Nature Boy who took the phrase seriously – even when he wasn’t in his tree house.’ I found the beginning of the story a little ambiguous in that the text doesn’t make it clear whether Ellery Queen is pondering and visualising an actual corpse or one for his new book. 1,051 more words

In The Dock

Ellery Queen and The Secret to Writing a Bestseller Title

This is the first Ellery Queen themed week for the Tuesday Night Bloggers and I thought I would look at the works of Queen as a whole, in particular the titles they used. 1,234 more words

Golden Age Detective Fiction