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Crime Syndicate Payoff (1964)

No longer publishing in the popular This Week, the cousins went a little further down the publishing food chain with two stories which appeared in “men’s magazine” … 57 more words

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The Player on the Other Side (1963)

This book was advertised as the first new novel about Ellery and his father in five years. Let’s do the math. The novel from five years earlier was… 783 more words

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A Trip Down Mystery Lane: The Golden Age

Dorothy L. Sayers was a pretty big fan of Sherlock Holmes.  In fact, she even wrote a little bit of “fanfiction”! In April of 1934, she was one of the founding members of the Sherlock Holmes Society and she wrote several essays on aspects relating to the Holmes’ canon.  1,566 more words


World Premiere: Vertigo Theatre Visits Calamity Town

Based on Ellery Queen’s 1942 novel of the same name, American playwright Joseph Goodrich’s Calamity Town is everything idyllic about small-town America with the exception of one small thing – murder. 696 more words

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Last Man to Die (1963)

“Last Man to Die” (November 3, 1963) was the last Ellery Queen story to appear in This Week. Mercifully. Although some of the stories showed a glimmer of intelligence, none of the decades worth of stories really rose to the heights of the cousins other, longer, short stories. 86 more words

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Half a Clue to Murder (1963)

From August 25, 1963, and reprinted in QED as “Murder Dept: Half a Clue,” this is another standard story of murder and three suspects, the culprit tripped up by one telltale sign which Ellery sees before anyone else. 52 more words

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Mystery in Neon Red (1963)

The stories written for This Week kept coming, starting with this one from July 27, 1963 (reprinted in Q.E.D. as “Kidnaping Department: The Broken T”). The story starts with the perspective of a kidnapping from the napped kid’s perspective, which is a nice change. 54 more words

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