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Money Talks (1950)

This Week, April 2, 1950 included the short story “The Sound of Blackmail,” reprinted in QBI as “Blackmail Department: Money Talks.” The main character is from Italy, and so, for this huge 14-million readers across the nation audience, the cousins crafted images of… 132 more words

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Double, Double (1950)

“The prosecutor of Wright County shook hands limply, adding that crime seemed to follow Ellery around like a bill collector and prompting Ellery to mumble that he rather though — at least he hoped — it was the other way around.”

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I Keep My Visions to Myself*

One of the many balances that crime writers consider is how much to share with readers. As the sleuth gets information and forms theories, is it better to let readers in on that thought process, or is it better for the sleuth to ‘hold the cards close to the chest?’ On the one hand, most people agree it’s important to ‘play fair’ with readers and give them the information they need to make sense of the mystery. 1,042 more words

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Are You Talking to Me?*

Most crime stories are told either in the first or third person, as a narration of events. Readers follow along and (hopefully) are drawn into the tale. 1,184 more words


Look at This Stuff, Isn't it Neat?*

Do you have a collecting hobby? Whether it’s T-shirts, antique hurricane lamps, books with skeletons in the cover art, or something else, collecting can be really enjoyable. 1,298 more words

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In The Vacuum Of The Void

“This raises,” said Ellery slowly, “one of the most extraordinary questions in my experience.  The question being: How is it possible for a murder-motive to exist and yet elude the most searching analysis?  44 more words


Vertigo's new season includes world premiere, and return of Sherlock and Agatha Christie

Where did Agatha go?

That might have been the question the last several seasons, when perennial mystery favourite Agatha Christie was discovered missing from Vertigo’s annual lineup. 422 more words