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One of my favorite authors is Ellery Queen. This a pen name for two cousins, Daniel Nathan and Manford Kepofsky. The writings cover 42 years. I have read the books several times but it has been awhile since I read his books. 209 more words


The French Powder Mystery - Ellery Queen (1930)

My initial experience reading Ellery Queen with The Roman Hat Mystery was a mixed bag, slanting heavily towards disappointment.  I had an exciting start, gobbling up the maps, false forwards, and dramatis personæ preceding the start of the actual story.  1,426 more words

The Roman Hat Mystery - Ellery Queen (1929)

For over a month I’ve had a tall stack of Ellery Queen books staring at me out of the corner of my eye.  It would be easy (perhaps advisable) to dive in with The Greek Coffin Mystery, commonly regarded as Queen’s best.  1,480 more words

"The Devil To Pay," by Ellery Queen

I was in the mood for an old-fashioned whodunit, and this fit the bill.

This one is set in Hollywood, in the 1930’s, and so is missing familiar supporting characters from the early Queen books, such as Inspector Queen and Sgt. 100 more words


I SUSPECT MICE: A Discourse on the Dying Message

Smack dab in the middle of The Tragedy of X, the 1930 debut of mystery writer Barnaby Ross, detective Drury Lane, a retired Shakespearean actor who is stone deaf, resides in a castle called The Hamlet, and employs a hunchback dwarf named Falstaff as a butler, is philosophizing with a group of men – one of whom will momentarily be murdered – on a train bound for Weehawken about the amazing things which the mind is capable of in the moments before death. 2,808 more words


Another Game of Wits

“Ruby Red”

“Damn all dying clues!”

(This from a policeman, viz. Lt. Christopher McKee of the NYPD, whose job it is to investigate said clues, or any clues.) 537 more words

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