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Why Are There Always So Many Other Things to Do?*

One of the things that writing requires is discipline. Sticking with a project, not letting yourself get too distracted, and seeing it through, are all difficult to do. 1,046 more words

Agatha Christie

“HOT TOWN, SUMMER IN THE CITY . . .”: Ellery Queen’s Cat of Many Tails

As I write this, it’s the beginning of my second week of summer vacation. For laymen, (read: non-educators) it’s the gravy in the crazy tureen of my professional life. 2,697 more words


I Can't Face Another Day*

Even in today’s world of better understanding of mental health, many people still don’t feel comfortable talking about suicide. It can be incredibly difficult to talk about the depression and sadness that lead people to take that step. 1,302 more words

Agatha Christie

Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine, February 1948

As you can see, this week’s issue of Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine includes a full Nero Wolfe novelette by Rex Stout, as well as another story by Cornell Woolrich and many, many others! 23 more words