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So Christian Dior Me, From My Head to My Toes*

Fashion design is big business. Whether you’re a fan of a certain designer, or you couldn’t care less what name you’re wearing, it’s hard to deny the influence designers have. 1,127 more words

Agatha Christie

You're In the Care of a Spin Doctor*

It’s a competitive world out there. So, for a lot of people and businesses, image is everything. They have to inspire confidence and build loyalty. That’s where public relations and ‘spin doctors’ come in. 1,111 more words


Cop Out (1969)

Advertised as “Different From Any Detective Story Ellery Queen Has Ever Written,” this novel marked the 40th anniversary of the cousins’ collaboration. Forty years of novels, short stories, motion pictures, radio shows, television shows, big-little books, novels for children, and comic books starring Ellery and the gang. 385 more words

Reading Ellery Queen

"The Story Is the Thing" (by Rand B. Lee)

Rand B. Lee is a freelance writer living in Santa Fe, New Mexico. His short stories can be found in many science-fiction anthologies, in periodicals such as… 1,052 more words

LETTER TO TEACHER: Learning About Shin Honkaku

Dear Miss Crabtree,

Here is my twenty five hundred word essay that you are making me write as punishment for not following the instructions of our last assignment properly. 2,531 more words


"Murder," She Spelled Out Real Plain

Of the large number of TV detective shows that longtime friends and collaborators William Link and Richard Levinson created, Ellery Queen (1975-1976) and Columbo (1968-1978; 1989-2003) seem (to me) to be the best.  2,171 more words

Agatha Christie

Still Living With My Parents*

Not long ago, I came across this article about the rising number of young people living with their parents instead of on their own. There are, of course, a lot of reasons for which adults might choose to (or need to) live with parents. 1,052 more words

Ellery Queen