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Interruptions Are Always on My Mind*

Most readers want a smooth narration in their stories. They’d rather not have the story broken up, because it can be distracting. But sometimes, when it’s done well, a narrative can be broken up successfully, and still be a coherent story. 836 more words

Agatha Christie

No, You Could Not See it Coming*

Although it isn’t really true, there are some major changes that seem to come ‘out of nowhere.’ Those changes often have a strong and lasting impact, too. 1,157 more words

Agatha Christie

The Greek Coffin Mystery - Ellery Queen (1932)

At long last, I’ve made it…I think.  I’ve survived the brutal intrigue-barren plains of the first three Ellery Queen novels with a grim determination to make it to an oasis – The Greek Coffin Mystery.  2,862 more words

Just a Few People That Both of Us Know*

In many crime novels (especially whodunits), there’s a victim (sometimes more than one) and a set of suspects. And the sleuth investigates the different subjects in terms of their motives, alibis, and so on. 1,159 more words

Agatha Christie

Helen McCloy

At the risk of making a somewhat unceremonious return… ;)

I recently finished Helen McCloy’s The Slayer and the Slain and was inspired, I suppose (it’s really a marvellous book), to write the following. 1,137 more words