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The House of Brass (1968)

“They found (in the safe containing the cashbox; the other had guarded the aged IOUs and the box of fourth-rate pearls) several booklets of Masonic ritual in code, which produced excitement that died a horrible death when the Inspector decoded them and stated that they were Masonic rituals in code.”

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Getting to Know You Well*

Let’s say you’re invited to someone’s home for the first time. What’s the first thing that’s likely to pique your curiosity? If you’re a book lover, chances are that one of the first things you’ll want to look at is your host’s book collection. 1,039 more words

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THE HEAT IS ON: Ellery Queen on Vacation

The Tuesday Night Bloggers have dedicated the month of May to variations on the theme of transportation, travel, and vacation. Ah, vacation! What educator doesn’t thrill to the sound of that word in early May? 2,293 more words


Wedding Anniversary (1967)

Here we are, back in Wrightsville for the last time. At the end of this story, Ellery swears it will be his last visit to Wrightsville, since each visit somehow, cosmically connects with yet another murder in this small New England town. 150 more words

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Face to Face (1967)

A locked apartment. A love triangle. A murder. A dying clue. A false accusation. A love interest for the detective. A morally ambiguous finale. These are the basic elements of… 340 more words

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I'm Telling You, Beware*

Virgil’s Aeneid includes the famous story of the Trojan Horse, and the way in which the Greeks used subterfuge (and a false ‘gift’) to best their enemies from Troy. 894 more words

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