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The Honest Swindler (1971)

The last Ellery Queen short story, published in the ubiquitous Saturday Evening Post, complete with a cover illustrated by Norman Rockwell.

The Puzzle Club meets for the last time, to figure out a financial scam perpetuated by a penniless gold digger. 93 more words

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The Odd Man (1971)

The second of three short stories published in 1971 featuring the Puzzle Club, this one appeared in the June issue of Playboy magazine.

Once again, three suspects, three occupations, one also sells drugs on the side. 46 more words

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The Three Students (1971)

Still enormously popular, the cousins were able to sell their last three short stories to large circulation magazines like Playboy and the Saturday Evening Post… 113 more words

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The Last Woman in His Life (1970)

“It was as if he had mislaid something, but could remember neither what it was nor where he had mislaid it.”
The problem here is that this is a great read, yet incredibly dated. 743 more words

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Give Me Liberty or Give Me Rest: Liberty, MO & Terrace Avenue Inn

Give me the open roadway and a set of songs and I’m a happy man.

An author named Mick Foley said something similar in one of his memoirs and it suits my feelings when it comes to travel.  729 more words

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I Was Just a Kid, They All Called Me 'Sidekick.'

An interesting post from Moira at Clothes in Books has got me thinking about the roles that young people play in crime novels. It’s a bit tricky to have a young person as the sleuth (‘though there are exceptions, such as Alan Bradley’s Flavia de Luce series). 1,012 more words

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A CENTENARY CELEBRATION (with special guests!)

Coming up just ahead of my first birthday as a blogger, I am excited to present my one hundredth post. A mere eleven and a half months ago, I was a mere shlub brimming with excitement to have discovered a community of readers, writers and thinkers who were just as obsessed with a love for classic mysteries as I was. 2,316 more words