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Stiletto Style

With my style inspiration back, what better way to start then with a pair of Tony Bianco Stilettos. They may be a little high to wear to work on a regular basis, but it was a good way to celebrate having my style back – and a strategic move for the evenings outfit – check in tomorrow to see how I took this from office to out in one simple change. 14 more words



You may have noticed lately I’ve had a little bit of fashion block. For a fashionista and blogger it’s a bit of an issue. Turns out, I’ve just been over thinking it, so it’s back to the classics. 26 more words


The Last of Us: Left Behind - Case Study

The Last of Us: Left Behind – Case Study

Bunmi Hazzan
Copyright © 2014


The aim of this case study is to examine the relationship between Ellie and Riley using Left Behind and American Dreams and look at how it affects Ellie’s character during The Last of Us. 563 more words

The Last Of Us

That Little Girl

That Little Girl (Based on The Last of Us)
Bunmi Hazzan
Copyright © 2014

When we met she was annoying
Some jumped up puffy faced kid… 228 more words


Another Cake sale!

I recently did another cake sale with my friends, which greatly consisted of doughnut and crispy-cake selling, with an underlying valentine’s day theme. We made slightly under £40 each, which is a helpful step for our fundraising! 94 more words


Something Different

At a glance there isn’t anything overly special about this look. But thinking back to my style a year ago, there are several elements to this that are very different for me. 71 more words


Details, Details, Details

What started out as a “I’ll just wear a simple skirt and plain top” kind of day, ended up with this. At the heart of it it’s exactly what I had originally planned, but a few little details make it something special. 33 more words