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Not enough hours in a day

Ellie is almost 5 months old. And guess what she has just mastered? Flipping or rolling from back to tummy! Guess when she decided to master this new little trick?! 357 more words

Countless Moments

Lab Tests

Ellie went in on Tuesday for some follow-up tests and thankfully we got some good news. Her blood pressure is finally coming down and an ultrasound showed a spot on her adrenal gland hasn’t gotten any worse in the past few months, so it isn’t cancerous. 34 more words


First memories

Obviously, every milestone that Ellie reaches is “filed” under “countless moments”. Like holding her head up, smiling in recognition of a familiar face, laughing out loud when tickled (my girls are super super ticklish like all over their bodies), grabbing a toy and smacking it over and over. 136 more words

Countless Moments

California wrap up

I have let so much time pass, and I haven’t finished blogging about our trip to Los Angeles, so I’m just going to drop a bunch of pics in here and consider it done. 137 more words


The Last Breath

Of a warm summers night in Juniper Canyon…oh how I love this time of year here!

Its heaven on earth to this cowgirl…the sounds of various birds and critters…in the distance I can hear neighbors yet harvesting…and the magical light is soooo pretty! 348 more words


Whoa! 10 Months!?

I never thought I could feel such duality about a time frame. It hardly seems as if 10 months could have possibly passed since Jelly Bean first graced us with her presence; conversely, I feel as if I have been this child’s mom for a lifetime. 345 more words



Ellie the spanador is just the cutest and most adorable pup that I have ever seen. Spandaors are a cross between a Labrador Retriever and the American Cocker Spaniel and it’s known for being affectionate, energetic, alert and playful too. 13 more words