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Chapter 1

Chapter 1

I think back on all the years that I knew Sebastian, to say that we didn’t get a long was an understatement. To say we were enemies was much more accurate. 3,222 more words


Oposition (A Novel) Preface


I was walking out of my biology class when I was roughly pulled into an empty class room and a pair of lips attached themselves to mine. 424 more words


Chapter 40

Ellie walked along Gloucester Crescent, her mobile in hand, ready to take pictures of any silver Mercedes she saw.  She intended to walk back along the other side, keeping an eye out for Lady Stane, she didn’t feel like another confrontation and the last thing she needed was Lady Stane to lay charges of harassment against her. 1,270 more words

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New Year New Us

Hello lovelies,

We are back after a long and (Mortal) new year – from me anyway;)))

Just thought I would share some photos from new year to you all x… 85 more words


Fuck, I really purge a lot…

I’ve been binging all week and I need to distance myself from people so I can stop. I’m already embarrassed by how I eat anyway; it wouldn’t be too big a’ deal to just stop hanging out with people and be a loner.


Update: I'm not OK but I will be

Despite the fact that this is, in fact, my first post of 2016, it’s probably a little late to wish you a ‘happy new year’, but I kind of hate New Year’s anyway. 693 more words