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Development model

We created a development model from bamboo skewers and card in order to figure out our floor plan and concept more clearly. We did it 1:75 scale (which we know is a bit random) this is simply due to the size of the skewers we were working with so we could whip up the model quickly. 13 more words


My Walking Partner, My Delight

Ellie and I start our walks by heading to the nearby dog park, passing one of her greatest admirers on the way, sweet little Yum Yum. 393 more words


Untitled Model

Came across this model which was a very sophisticated way of using the scaffolding aesthetic. The stairs were really contemporary and looked as thought they sat within the structure as oppose to being a parts of it.



Fiery furnace

compassionate to the core

a golden heart forged.

by Scooj

For my manager who leaves this week. She’s simply the best.


Tree Structures


This model is a structure built around a tree with the scaffolding aesthetic we are looking at it also incorporates some sort of pulley/lifting system which would be a fun aspect to include in our design to lift spices quickly between levels



Terrazario is the outdoor extension for Mercado de San Anton, a recently renewed market in Madrid City Center. The project is based on the combination of three concepts of what public spaces are in our cities: the square, the market, the terrace and their hybridation with a standard scaffolding system.