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Chapter 3: The Stone Circle.

-It’s not a place for a girl. You’ll only make things worse – Jay sounded convincing.

-Ellie is there – I pointed out.

-They won’t harm her – came his answer. 1,167 more words


You are beautiful

My daughter needs a haircut. Her hair is LONG, but oh so beautiful, a pretty golden blonde that I want to bottle up for myself. She always wants to wear it down, but I usually put it up in a ponytail to keep it out of her face, because it tangles so easily. 485 more words

There's a first time for everything

So, starting a blog. This is definitely a first. I’ve definitely dabbled in the whole attempted author at the ripe age of 13 on a beautiful site called quizzap, so you can tell how that went. 308 more words

Ellie: Chapters Seven & Eight

Hey, everyone! I am back and ready to start blogging again! Things in my life were hectic for the past two years but I have settled in and began writing again. 1,003 more words


Chapter 7

Chapter 7

A half hour later the rest of our friends clambered into the café looking worse for the ware.

“Why are you both up? And better yet why are you sitting together right now?” 2,638 more words



Just a drawing !

I could have put a lot more decoration in this sketch, but Ellie is a low-maintenance girl!


Chapter 1: By The Fishponds.

Oaken Roads, 1938.

Men’s expeditions into the forest, to strike unwelcomed intruders, were coming in rarely. Unfortunately, searching for a lost child happened more often and it did not always end happily. 730 more words