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April Golden Tote Review

My Golden Tote for April arrived on May 1st.  (They keep slipping dates with the launches which is starting to put them into the next month.)  This month I was extremely excited for the black spring chic maxi dress but when I tried to get a tote on the launch day, the site (as usual) had tons of problems and kept timing out and leaving things out of the cart and several hours later when I was finally able to get it working they had sold out of all sizes of the black maxi.   545 more words

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$6 million in federal bucks going to MSP; upgrades on the way

Some big bucks are getting funneled to the Twin Cities’ airport – and with it, it is hoped, a continued flow of air traffic and new jobs. 153 more words


"On Dec. 9, 2010, Ellison, a 67-year-old black man, was killed in his home by Donna Lesher, an off-duty police officer. Ellison was involved in a confrontation with Lesher and Officer Tabitha McCrillis after the two came upon Ellison's open door while working off-duty security at the Big Country Chateau Apartments near University Avenue and went inside to investigate. The two officers called for backup. According to an on-duty officer who arrived on the scene, Lesher stepped outside the apartment. When Ellison picked up his cane, she shot him without issuing any warning. An internal investigation into Ellison's killing by the LRPD homicide division cleared Lesher of all wrongdoing. Lesher's husband, Sgt. James Lesher, heads the division. Ellison's sons — both veterans of the Little Rock Police Department — filed a federal civil rights lawsuit in 2011 alleging that their father's civil rights were violated. The case is still moving toward trial. Eugene Ellison is the Michael Brown of Little Rock, and if nothing is done to bring justice for the Ellison family and address the police misconduct in the Little Rock Police Department, Little Rock could become Ferguson." #WhoIsEugeneEllison #JusticeForEugeneEllison #BlackLivesMatter #February21 #StopPoliceBrutality #InMyHomeDoNotShoot #JUSTICE #MassMarch #MassMovement #LittleRockArkansas #NonviolentMarch #SupportTheMovement #RepostAndSupport #DonateAndSupport #TamirRice #EricGarner #MikeBrown #TrayvonMartin #Ferguson #ShutItDown #CrimingWhileWhite #StolenLives #PoliceBrutality #RacistCops #Madness

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Ellison swings at Salesforce as Oracle's growth sputters

Oracle expects to generate more than $1 billion in new SaaS and PaaS business in 2015, putting it toe-to-toe in the cloud market with Salesforce.com, Oracle’s top executives said Tuesday. 304 more words

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DeathWatch No. 16 - I'm Sure It Will

This is Issue #16 of DeathWatch, an ongoing Serial. Click that link to go find ‘A Beginning’ and read from there, if you need to catch up. 1,719 more words


DeathWatch No. 15 - Blossoming in Profusion

This is Issue #15 of DeathWatch, an ongoing Serial. Click that link to go find ‘A Beginning’ and read from there, if you need to catch up. 2,416 more words