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Podcast Episode 3: Interview with Republican Mom, Responding to Perez, and Local Boards




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In this episode Miguel gives a surprise interview with his Republican mother and we have more in agreement than not. 106 more words


Democrats to Capture Populist Movement

We will remember 2016 not only for the return of populism throughout the Western world, but also for the blindness of those who could not see the difference between right-wing and left-wing populism… 192 more words


The DNC Chair Election: A Strategic Mistake?

DNC Chair Tom Perez

Congressmenber Keith Ellison

Analysis by Reporting San Diego

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Feb 27, 2017 (San Diego) by now you have likely heard. 1,812 more words

Democrats Choose Another Dead End Road

By John Geluardi
The Democratic National Committee has decided to stay on a lost road risking more failure, loss and corruption. By electing former Labor Secretary Thomas Perez, the party has signaled that its traditional base will continue to be strip teased while in the backroom, corporate interests are fully serviced. 401 more words