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Public and Private Position: A Commentary Piece

The US elections are on everyone’s newsfeeds whether you’re interested or not. All of us (the rest of the world) are a bit stunned at what’s happening. 1,262 more words

Ellora’s Cave Closing…?


I’m not going to outline it here, because this is a big, ongoing drama that has been unfolding for years.

However, it seems that revolutionary erotic romance publisher… 123 more words


The Rebirth of Illicit Impulse, or Finding the Gold

By Alexa Day

**Quick note: I wrote this post a few days before the announcement that Ellora’s Cave would be closing. I’m not going to write another post about this. 995 more words

Ellora's Cave

Zoe Mullins Reminds Writers to Get Over Themselves, Already!

I’m happy to host Zoe Mullins today! If you’ve followed the blog regularly, you may remember that Zoe visited back in February to talk about… 1,026 more words


Review: Love and Protect by Naima Simone

I liked the concept of this book. A strong, independent woman undergoes intense trauma after a security job went terribly wrong. She hides away to cope, until she was called back to security duty… to protect a man who was once her savior and only friend. 236 more words


Ellora's Cave is Still Running?

Apparently, though they’re back in the publishing news and making the rounds on my author friends’ Facebook pages. At least one of my friends is a former EC author. 273 more words


Preferred Tongue: Romantica or Erotic Romance

I did not know that Ellora’s Cave trademarked the word “romantica”. I just read about it in a thread on Goodreads. Wouldn’t put it past them so I’m running with it. 150 more words