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Elly 2 - Canteen

The canteen was packed for lunch like always. The enormous room was filled with students at the lunch tables, some eating, some studying, some talking, some fucking, and some lining up for their food. 922 more words

Elly 1 - Grace

*Disclaimer* this story is written in first person as an experiment in style. Show support or criticism below. Depending on likes I may choose in future to write in one style or another. 869 more words

Elly - Prologue

*Disclaimer* This was my first story revolving around this fantasy; I tried third-person but later discarded it to pursue first-person. Nevertheless, I will keep this as it is until I compile the paragraphs into a short story/novella. 622 more words

Life After Colfax

My race photos are in!!!!

This one is pretty good. I look unbelievably tired, but I think this was taken at like Mile 21 or 22. 432 more words


More pictures from Brindejon

As always, Brindejon provides the opportunity to get some great photos.  And then, I played with colors, cropping, and clarity to make them art objects.  Enjoy.

Get Out You Bastards

“Get Out You Bastards, Out of the Water”.  Technically that statement was not correct, the two dogs were bitches and we know their heritage.  But there was great emotion as Bob tried to rescue a toy from the mud pond, aka future swimming hole, at my parents farm. 180 more words

Colfax Marathon Week 15: Peak Week

Yesterday I posted our crazy weekend of climbing, hiking, backpacking, and tornados (yay, Kansas). In addition to our awesome trip, I was in the peak of my marathon training. 574 more words