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Hey Ya'll

So here I am, smack dab in the middle of America serving in the US Navy. “I live in Nebraska!” As a native Texan these are the most foreign words to me, but I have absolutely come to adore this state and the city of Omaha. 226 more words


Dziewczyny spojlerują fragmenty piosenki

Doyeon powiedziała, że w piosence pojawi się fragment, w którym śpiewa “You’re smiling, I like it”. Elly ujawniła, że w piosence zaśpiewa słowo “Baby”. Suyeon i Doyeon powiedziały, że ich debiutowa piosenka bardzo im się podoba. 15 more words

Weki Meki

I screamed at a zombie this eve, for realz

I was gonna begin with ”my name’s Elly and I’m bla bla bla”, because that’s all we seem to know about introduction. Nah. Therefore, the first journey I’m taking is: … 1,080 more words

Sydney Goes to the Vet

I was considering writing a recap today about my race last week… or writing a post about how I signed up for the St. George Marathon in October. 489 more words


Comic Preview: Blood Stain Vol. 2

A light-heated and funny story.  Linda Sejic is quickly becoming on of my favorite writer/artist creator.  If you’d like to see more of Blood Stain or Linda’s art, you can check out her Deviant Art  72 more words


Sleeping Arrangements

So the puppy is still small enough to sleep in a lap.  She’s adorable when sleeping.  When awake, she’s all teeth and as lively as can be.  51 more words

SO HEY I EXIST love Elly + New Years Resolutions

Sometime last year two girls got inspired to create a blog together because FRIENDSHIP and WRITING and THEY WERE REALLY PASSIONATE AND SOMETIMES ANGRY BUT MOSTLY OVERALL CRITICAL ABOUT THINGS IN THE MEDIA. 458 more words