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Week 23-24 Elly's Clothes + Babymoon

Week 23

The weight of my expanding uterus is starting to get to me. Back, hips and thighs are aching on a daily basis whether I am walking, sitting or lying down. 391 more words


Ready to Go

Elly, our dog, lives a charmed life. She is always part of the family, treated like a princess, fed regular meals with the occasional treat, and goes out on adventures almost daily. 57 more words

Daiso Elly Haul

Just because I cannot find my Licca, doesn’t mean I can’t post about Elly. Recently, a fellow blogger, Knotted Things, set out to decimate the inventory of all the Daiso stores on the West Coast. 95 more words


Monday July 20


Just an ordinary day on the balcony.


Week 21 - 22 'Pantang' + Baby Bump

Week 21

Elly has been “swimming” quite frequently this week and mostly in the day time. Good job, Elly. Please continue this sleeping habit and don’t be a nocturnal baby, ok? 411 more words


Elly - Birthday!




It was my birthday on Tuesday and I celebrated with the usual level of style and panache (which is not much). But we did have a lovely breakfast with looots of family. 16 more words