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Sleeping Arrangements

So the puppy is still small enough to sleep in a lap.  She’s adorable when sleeping.  When awake, she’s all teeth and as lively as can be.  51 more words

UppercaseBox January

For this month’s UppercaseBox we have the Frost Blood by Elly Blake (signed). A Frost Blood magnet. Alice in Wonderland Scarf (not pictured), and a book seed paper (herb mix) from Bloomin’. 360 more words

Book Reviews

SO HEY I EXIST love Elly + New Years Resolutions

Sometime last year two girls got inspired to create a blog together because FRIENDSHIP and WRITING and THEY WERE REALLY PASSIONATE AND SOMETIMES ANGRY BUT MOSTLY OVERALL CRITICAL ABOUT THINGS IN THE MEDIA. 458 more words


The best lessons I have learned from Steven Universe

So 2016 sucked. Like the amount of animosity I have towards a metaphysical entity of a made up concept is downright ridiculous, but as the worst year ever ends and a new one begins, i will not wallow any more on how much life sucked last year. 1,269 more words


Happy Holidays Update

Once again, it’s been awhile, but it’s just been difficult to actually sit down and push out an update.  Here it is: 70 more words


Fall Week 11 PPJ | Elly Nemtsov

I’m feeling pretty good about these past couple weeks! We made a pretty big move and changed our story a bit! But we believe the story is much better and we’re using all of our existing assets, so we’re actually in a much better place now than a couple weeks ago. 140 more words