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Doggy Paradise can be exhausting

After a hellacious week of which the less said the better, Bob and I are visiting doggy paradise. Also known as Brindejon, my parents farm has a new resident—Bella. 194 more words

Elly - Canarvon



Takarakka bush resort

We had an awesome weekend out at Canarvon Gorge where we saw lots of wildlife, waterfalls and 4000 years old aboriginal art and watched the sun set over the gorge.


Elly -Envy



Alex heads

I went for a lovely walk along the beach with my friend and our dogs and we finished it off with an ice cream. 13 more words


Elly - #260

Elly – The bold, flaring anger that ignites within and causes blood to boil red and simmer just under pale white flesh. How betrayals can bring forth our worst emotions and regrets come fast and heavy, like the atmosphere itself has thickened with the fog of a poisonous fume that makes your mind dance with the your rhythmic temper.


Hot Dogs and Happy Cats

The big news is old news. It’s still hot here, good weather for peeping toms since no blankets, sheets, or even clothes are wanted at night. 312 more words

Elly - Ice blocks 



Maleny Show Grounds

Spring has sprung in Australia and how better to celebrate than at a food festival. Organic, gluten free, vegan, vegetarian, paleo, Moroccan, Italian, French and every other cuisine under the sun was there. 21 more words


Elly and Aargh!

Emma Laybourn

Elly is always getting in trouble wagging her huge tail, until Aargh! comes along, and her tail proves to have hidden value. A fun story with some interesting dinosaur facts, and pictures to colour in.

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