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Jacqueline Hillier elm update

My Jacqueline Hillier elm on rock update. Before and after pruning today.

Edmonton elm trees stressed by fast switch from winter to summer

You may recently have been seeing or feeling the effects of Mother Nature, either through elm seeds or pollen, but good news is on the way — the situation will soon improve. 549 more words


American Elm Tree Information, Care, and Problems

The iconic American elm was once known for its graceful stature and abundance along North American city streets and in parks. However, the majority of those mature elms have died off due to the spread of Dutch elm disease or “DED” (a microfungus spread by bark beetles) and by elm phloem necrosis transmitted by leafhoppers. 606 more words

American Elm Tree

Elm tree pruning ban in Saskatchewan starts April 1

Time is running out for Saskatchewan property owners to prune their elm trees.

The annual province-wide ban starts on April 1 and runs until the end of August. 196 more words


A Question for an Elm Tree

Like I’ve said, the Nature Spirits offer answers to questions about their world. One only needs to ask. A reader sent this question about what to do about the roots of his Elm tree. 554 more words


The Crone and the Ants

We named her the Crone upon first seeing her, for her lengthy limbs and wide trunk seemed to tell stories of old.  It was obvious she was coming up in years and wouldn’t be around forever.  247 more words