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Elmer Fudd's Earth Day

This year, on Earth Day, something has stripped the bark from the burning bushes of our homeowners’ association. It’s sad to see the butchered bark of these beautiful burning bushes. 291 more words

Things About This Baby I Must Not Forget

My baby boy is a cyclone.

He is an earthquake, a force of nature, a flood.

He is Elmer Fudd in a Viking hat at the top of the mountain summoning the elements. 186 more words

Parenting In General

F3 Naperville 3/31: "3rd F" Talk The Word

The morning began with a record setting 21 PAX posting for an amazing EC Run + Workout Q’d by FIB at an exciting new location.  From there, we gathered for Coffeeteria at our usual chatterbox (aka Panera Bread) and then quickly found our seats for the second installment of Talk The Word. 576 more words



Crow (via our dear overlords at Google):

  • crow1
    noun: crow; plural noun: crows; noun: American crow; plural noun: American crows; noun: the Crow…
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3/12 No rest for the wicked

6 pax and one warm blooded FNG showed up to start their week off with a bang at the outpost. Urkel, Onions, Elmer Fudd, Seabiscuit, FNG Mater, Tailspin and Coldcuts (Q) showed up to recover after a weekend of fun. 423 more words


3/9 The Outpost: Fudd Friday

Eyes open.  What time is it?  4:05am.  Sweet, just a few more minutes of…NAH!  It’s Q day baby!  No fartsacking for this Fudd.  Grab the gear, for the love of God don’t wake anybody, hop in the Fudd-Mobile, and head out ITG to get better with some F3 Warriors! 703 more words