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As Fudd As It Gets

My son has given me a speech impediment.

It started while at the beach.  Will had brought his bike along, since the place we stayed had great bike trails.   188 more words


Separating the Person from His Work

Recently my friend and I were having a conversation about German Composer Richard Wagner.

You may revere him as the genius composer of Der Ring Der Nibelungen… 505 more words

Tweaks can kill you

Growing up I loved those Looney Toons cartoon characters like Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck. They were a fairly violent crew if you think about it, with scads of angry actions including a fair amount of gunplay. 660 more words

Elmer Fudd Says He And Donald Trump Falsely Accused Of Pussy Grabbing

Palm-To-Pussy Village, Ohio.   Elmer  Fudd, of Warner Bros. cartoon fame, said today that he and Donald Trump have been falsely accused of grabbing women by the pussy without their consent simply because they’re stars.  142 more words

Satire And Other Irreverent Humor

Elmer Fudd missed again.

I’ve written about squirrels many times but haven’t come close to using up all the stories I have about these cute, irritating, not-so-bright little creatures.  And autumn, more than any other season, is when squirrels engage in their most creative, elaborate, and thoughtless activities. 523 more words

While I Was Gardening . . .

Home Secretary

loitering waist deep 
in lush plush blue grass

Reginald Maudling
resident garden tree gnome

disappears most nights
reappears most days


Deal 798: Veee

A great man once said “We have nothing to fear but fear itself.”

That is as easily true if through neglect the fear is allowed to overwhelm common sense. 101 more words

Daily Deal