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Laughing Bear Comedy Show -- Baseball

Top o’ the Week

Greetings comedy fans — spring training is when every team can still win the world series so hope springs eternal.  It is also time when comedy about baseball comes to mind, and we’ll indulge in bit of that with cuts from Bob Newhart and George Carlin among others. 348 more words

No News is Good News

Like waiting for a fine wine to age, Anna’s ever so slow recovery shows tiny, incremental improvements that are, for the two of us, difficult to notice. 628 more words

ISIS Levels Nimrud; Nimrods and Bugs Bunny

Words such as Nimrud and Nimrod in contexts over time together aren’t all that uncommon…however after seeing the wrath against culture and humanity continue at the hands of ISIS, my use of Nimrod carries another somewhat uncommon meaning to a large number of people outside of the reach of generational television in the United States. 829 more words

Monday Morning Pick-Me-Up

Let’s face it. Mondays are rough. The end of the freedom that came with the weekend, the start of a long week, the return to work. 19 more words


Poetry by Tina Mozelle Braziel




1. Suede

Nude before the mirror, she scrutinizes
her sapling legs and the ant-bite swell

of breasts, searching for some allure
there. She fingers the gold sequined… 866 more words

Issue 1

Elmer Fudd

Some inspiration for The Man Who Went Out Shooting!

Our hapless hunter is partially inspired by the stylized cartoon movements of classic Warner Brothers’ Looney Tunes character Elmer Fudd. 7 more words

Imaginary Incorriigibles

In Merrimac New Hampshire, a warrant has been issued for the arrest of Punxsutawney Phil, the ground hog. Phil, it is alleged, said that winter would last for six more weeks, but never said a word about all the snow that has fallen on the northeast since his much heralded guest star appearance. 237 more words