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Donald Duck Decoy

Most of what comes out of President Donald Trump’s ****hole serves to keep our eyes off the prize … the ethical and legal quagmire of the Trump Administration. Spasiba!

Editorial Cartoons

EC RUNS in -12 degrees? Hell YES!

1/6/2018 0615 EC Run / 0700 Post @THEOUTPOST

As YHC hit the snooze button a few times too many, I sipped my coffee, threw on my many many layers, and headed out for our obligatory EC run that has become a beast mode staple here @TheOUTPOST.  482 more words


Staying One Step Ahead of the Frostbite

The real temperature was -6 with a windchill of -20 on this fine Friday morning at the Outpost. 13 BRAVE HIMs showed up at 5:15am to get their heart rate up with Crambone (Q). 253 more words


1/3/18 - C.H.O.P. S.H.O.P., Spartan, and Captian Thercury

Heatwave!!! 20 degrees warmer than yesterday!  13 degrees and a light snowfall.

7 PAX arrived for thier first post of 2018: Bob Ross, Chop Shop, Cold Cuts, Elmer Fudd, FIB, Tailspin, Urkel… 316 more words


So You Want A Model Railroad 1955


Warner Brothers Pictures

Coming in at 8 minutes and 32 seconds, “So You Want A Model Railroad” is a comedy short all about the “dangers” of model train addiction. 710 more words

12/9 - 40 Minutes of Hell

The Pax: 13 – Crabgrass (Q), Elmer Fudd, Urkel, Rachel Ray, Captain Underpants, Bob Ross, Aloe Vera, Holy Shart, Chop Shop, Madoff, Cold Cuts, Bump, Crambone… 251 more words


12/13 - Smorgasbord of Pain

13 PAX showed up to get their midweek beatdown at the Outpost in Naperville. It was a chilly morning (20º) at 5:15 start time, nothing us midwesterners couldn’t handle.  303 more words