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6/8 The Outpost: Letting Go of Rage

Good morning men.  With a mild ~60°F morning and the rain promising to hold off for another hour or so, YHC was WAY more than ready to get this beat down started and burn off some steam. 950 more words


A Little Insight

People often ask for details of me. Usually policemen. But other people are interested in what I am: what I look like, and why do I write such utter rubbish? 505 more words

Hewwo There Wittle Fewwow!

One of the questions that constantly vexes me is, “Why does every small child in America talk like Elmer Fudd?” Have genetics gone wild? What happened? 271 more words

Allen E. Rizzi

Bunny Hired To Voice Bugs Bunny; Human Actors Deemed Offensive By Outrage Mob

The role of Bugs Bunny will now be voiced by an actual bunny after people who don’t watch cartoons, or care about bunnies expressed outrage online that the character was being voiced by a human. 407 more words


Elmer Fudd's Earth Day

This year, on Earth Day, something has stripped the bark from the burning bushes of our homeowners’ association. It’s sad to see the butchered bark of these beautiful burning bushes. 291 more words

Things About This Baby I Must Not Forget

My baby boy is a cyclone.

He is an earthquake, a force of nature, a flood.

He is Elmer Fudd in a Viking hat at the top of the mountain summoning the elements. 186 more words

Parenting In General

F3 Naperville 3/31: "3rd F" Talk The Word

The morning began with a record setting 21 PAX posting for an amazing EC Run + Workout Q’d by FIB at an exciting new location.  From there, we gathered for Coffeeteria at our usual chatterbox (aka Panera Bread) and then quickly found our seats for the second installment of Talk The Word. 576 more words