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Our Second Longrider for the 2015 Tour has Registered

His name is Elmer … and I’m thinking he’s another pistol!

Elmer heard about this ride from the son of our own Hughie.  (Remember Hughie?  He’s the 76 year old rider from the 2014 Tour — and he’s definitely a pistol!)  When Elmer showed interest (and Hughie got wind of it), Hughie jumped in his truck and went for a visit — all the way up to Grande Prairie — from Edson!   228 more words

Wild Pink Yonder -- The Ride

In the garden!

So much to learn from nature….we made the best of the beautiful sunny weather by exploring snails and their trails, observing trees and leaves and enjoying the fresh air!



‘x’- vocabulary: x-ray

formation: slide, hands off, slide

action: as if taking a photo


We spoke about x-rays and bones, and we also looked at x-ray images on the Internet (x-rays of the skull, shoulders, rib cage, hands, arms, feet and legs) and the children really enjoyed the lesson!! 47 more words



Recognising numbers and placing them in sequence, tracing them with finger and later writing number 9 (ballun u suldat dritt) and printing nine potatoes!


Wacky 'w'!

‘w’ vocabulary: water, windmill, wind, window, watch, whale, worm, whiteboard, white

writing formation: slide, slide, slide, slide (points down)

action: as if blowing, imitating the wind… 21 more words



Vocabulary: kitten, kettle, kite, key, king (this letter differs from the ‘c’ since it has a stronger sound, hence we say the ‘k’ with a punch as if kicking a leg) 24 more words


Carnival Party!!

All of us were so excited in seeing each other, plus we had lots of fun singing and dancing to party tunes with our balloons, masks and shakers! 15 more words