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Celebryta w kratkę - "Elmer"

Spotkaliśmy dzisiaj celebrytę. Serio:) Najprawdziwszy celebryta wśród bohaterów książek dla dzieci. No może tylko nie spotkamy go na ściankach, ale Elmera zna prawdopodobnie większość dzieci i rodziców. 363 more words

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Practical Skills For the Radio Amateur

While not every ham is technically inclined or particularly handy, amateur radio operators tend to be do-it-yourself (DIY) kind of people who often build, install, and fix their gear and other things.  257 more words


So the Thing About Chickens is...

4 out of 5 chickens you meet are going to end up in a KFC bucket. It’s an ugly fact no one wants to talk about because it would make it that much harder to look our chicken friends in the eye. 235 more words

Critter of the Week: Dryosaurus

Meet Rosie. She’s a bit shy, and might need a little encouragement to come closer.  A few treats should do the trick.  Before you know it she’ll be perfectly content to snuggle close and put her head on your lap. 407 more words


Critter of the Week: Brachiosaurus

Meet Elmer. He’s a little shy, and likes staying in his comfort zone, but he’ll be your best giant friend if you give him some greens and a big hug. 635 more words


The History of the 44 Magnum and the S&W Model 29

In 1955, the world of handgunning would be forever changed thanks to the efforts of an aging Idaho rancher, and one of the greatest firearms makers the world has ever known. 835 more words