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King of the Slide Guitar

The slack-stringed, wailing, electric guitar riff that opens “Dust My Broom” is a sound that will forever immortalize Elmore James.  Although this tune was first recorded by the legendary Robert Johnson, it was the version by James that became an R&B hit in 1952.   504 more words

achieving happiness with $145 and a tolerance for the sublime.

ej818 – recently renamed after addition of electronics and removal of some of the icky factory finish to liven up the top…

and the valve king royal 8… (most of the 145 dollars spent here.) now i’m broke. happy, but broke.

Hurts Like Fun

I can imagine you’re all wondering where I’ve been: Could she have been pinned under a tractor tire during an extra-gnarly WOD all this time? Did she finally fall down the friggin’ stairs, land on her head and wake up with amnesia? 279 more words

Something for the Weekend - No 151

Don’t forget, if you want to listen again to previous weekend songs, go to the ‘category filter’ on the side bar and select ‘something for weekend’ from the drop down list… 17 more words