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Diaskeue (di-as-keu’-ee): Graphic peristasis (description of circumstances) intended to arouse the emotions.

He was kind, merciful, full love, and brutally murdered, here, in this vacant parking lot.  79 more words



Dicaeologia (di-kay-o-lo’-gi-a): Admitting what’s charged against one, but excusing it by necessity.

A: Did you pee on the bed?

B: Yes, but I didn’t really… 175 more words


Rhetorical Analysis

Rhetorical analysis can be defined in various ways due to the fact that the term rhetoric itself does not have a formal definition. Rhetoric can be thought of as deceptive speech, educational language or even just writing in general. 269 more words

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Intimation: Hinting at a meaning but not stating it explicitly.

There’s a way of saying some things that puts them into a rather unsavory, even reprehensible, category of speech. 26 more words



Isocolon (i-so-co’-lon): A series of similarly structured elements having the same length. A kind of parallelism.

400 million dollars. 400 million lies. 400 million reasons to kiss this guy goodbye. 16 more words