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Rhetorical Analysis

Rhetorical analysis can be defined in various ways due to the fact that the term rhetoric itself does not have a formal definition. Rhetoric can be thought of as deceptive speech, educational language or even just writing in general. 269 more words

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Intimation: Hinting at a meaning but not stating it explicitly.

There’s a way of saying some things that puts them into a rather unsavory, even reprehensible, category of speech. 26 more words

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Isocolon (i-so-co’-lon): A series of similarly structured elements having the same length. A kind of parallelism.

400 million dollars. 400 million lies. 400 million reasons to kiss this guy goodbye. 16 more words

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Kategoria (ka-te-go’-ri-a): Opening the secret wickedness of one’s adversary before his  face.

It took a bunch of Russians hacking your email to find out, but now we know for certain that you tried to undermine Bernie Sanders’ campaign. 45 more words

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Litotes (li-to’-tees): Deliberate understatement, especially when expressing a thought by denying its opposite. The Ad Herennium author suggests litotes as a means of expressing modesty (downplaying one’s accomplishments) in order to gain the audience’s favor (establishing  71 more words

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Martyria (mar-tir’-i-a): Confirming something by referring to one’s own experience.

See this scar?

It’s a token of pain. A trace of violence. An image of risk. 116 more words

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Maxim (max’-im): One of several terms describing short, pithy sayings. Others include adageapothegmgnomeparoemiaproverb, and sententia. 249 more words

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