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The Alternative Friday Awards – 2017

The high quality of new and emerging musicians never really surprises me, but I’m confident that 2017 has been an exceptional year, and as it draws to a close we reveal our… 887 more words


'Now He Wears White' But Eloïse Is Rocking Black

When it comes to reviewing new singer/songwriters there’s generally two big groups they fall into: the hyper-produced, very pretentious kind of newcomer and the modest and brilliant writer who happens to know how to write good melodies. 250 more words

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A Few Funnies From The Net - November 4, 2017

Here is the next issue of a Few Funnies From The Net.

Just received this from Jim in an email…sharing the fun.


105 more words

Ninety Minutes I Won't Get Back

I very rarely have low ranking reviews on here because most of the movies I watch are actually good. There are some however that, while sitting in an empty office doing my work, I get curious about and then cannot look away even if it’s bad. 281 more words

EEEasier Said Than Sung

In a comment to my last post, I thanked reader Don Frankel for informing me, in anticipation of this ‘E’ post, that Eleanora was the birth name of Billie Holiday, and I replied that I might include a song of her’s in my endeavor. 301 more words