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Sketchdump 012: Happy Finals Month

I say finals month because in art school you have final projects that can last around a month. 32 more words

Travel Adeventures and Banana Muffins

I’m sorry for not posting last week. I was too busy making sure my entire life was packed in my parent’s Explorer. It was Weezy’s first “big” overnight trip away from home. 571 more words


Sketchdump 011: Neon Doodles

It’s official:  Ballpoint pens are my favorite.  Ballpoint pens and sharpie.  I got a big bag of colored ballpoint pens for a DOLLAR.  It’s super nice. 32 more words

Poetry Inspired by Mihran's Music

The crisp rustle of folded paper

Ink stains dancing in vain

Words walking in sequence

Sending a message of pain. 21 more words



Eloise ​by Kay Thompson

Book Synopsis: The story of a girl who lives in the Plaza Hotel in New York.

Instructional Focus: (Numbers are for the Virginia Standards of Learning, generally Reading/English) 238 more words


Pajama Storytimes, Wednesdays, March 26 and April 1

My chickadees, I’m sorry, I’ve been lazy and not updated this blog in fo-eva (wow, sorry, I hang with the tweens a lot, I’m turning into one, clearly). 959 more words

Sketchdump 010: Cotton Candy

I’ve been drawing with a pink pen and a blue highlighter.  It’s been fun. 32 more words