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You may have noticed lately I’ve had a little bit of fashion block. For a fashionista and blogger it’s a bit of an issue. Turns out, I’ve just been over thinking it, so it’s back to the classics. 26 more words


Something Different

At a glance there isn’t anything overly special about this look. But thinking back to my style a year ago, there are several elements to this that are very different for me. 71 more words


eloise on an annie budget

yes, I dined on 768 fifth ave for less than $10. if that’s not a coup, I don’t know what is. chi noodle bar at the plaza food hall is just one of the many treasures that underground new york offers (and on the upper east side at that!) i stepped into the red velvet cake plaza hotel feeling very small beneath the very large chandeliers, and left feeling full thanks to one of the many vendors at the plaza food hall. 32 more words


Survey My Blog

Hi, as you’re visiting my blog or a follower of mine, I would really appreciate it if you would answer these questions via message or comment as I am always striving to be better. 223 more words


Details, Details, Details

What started out as a “I’ll just wear a simple skirt and plain top” kind of day, ended up with this. At the heart of it it’s exactly what I had originally planned, but a few little details make it something special. 33 more words


My Internet Revolution

“We’re still in the first minutes of the first day of the internet revolution”- Scott Cook

I’m in the process of beginning my own internet revolution.

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Sketchdump 006: Cuddles and Cuties

So I’ve finally decided to do something with this girl, and I’m working on developing a comic for her. ¬†She now has a brother and some friends, and a name! 108 more words