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Top 10 Tuesday - Characters you'd love to revist as an adult

This week’s Top Ten Tuesday (by The Broke and the Bookish) is a fun one!

The topic : Ten childhood characters you’d love to revisit as an adult. 511 more words


The Eloise Project 

This is me.

This is my new family.

It use to be one. Then it was two.  Now it is three. I wouldn’t change one single thing about it. 118 more words


Farmer Kim

When I was a kid, I always wanted to live in a big city, like Harriet the Spy, or Eloise. Never mind that I would have made the single worst city dweller in the world at the time, as I was terrified of buses and unable to function in large crowds, but I just assumed that I would naturally adapt, navigating the subways with ease and learning the difference between puddles of rain and human urine. 421 more words


Two and Four?! How Can It Be?

We officially have a 2 year old and a 4 year old in our house! A what and a what? It doesn’t seem possible that Eloise and Olive are already that old! 475 more words


Wayne County...the lack of humanity!

Whats on my mind?

That’s a good question WP blog box.

Reading the feed on my Facebook page and I see a link about Eloise. 149 more words



No matter how the day goes, bedtime is always a happy and cherished event. Eloise is usually in a very silly mood, and Garrick and I love spending this time together as a family. 154 more words


Mother's Day gifts Part 2

Eloise again! So, as I was saying, we got Vivienne more than one gift this mother’s day (partially because it’s the last one we’ll spend with me living in this house, at least until university falls through and I have to move back in). 135 more words