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Water Balloons

For Arri’s birthday his auntie Jami gave him a package of Bonanza Water Balloons. A contraption that allows you to fill 40 water balloons at once that tie themselves. 95 more words


Oh, Brother

Growing up, I didn’t have the priveledged of having a brother and Elouise doesn’t know life without hers.

Arri is a really good brother but, he is a brother none the less! 35 more words


Unstructured Play 

  With all my lists, schedules and organized activities I feel I’m doing my children a great disservice. All too often they ask me to entertain them. 101 more words


Sleeping Texts

My darling kids have been instructed not to wake me up if I worked the night before. My darling kids also don’t realize that my phone is turned off while I’m sleeping. 21 more words


Tune up 

We are ALL about bikes at our house these days. Shane had a surprise day off yesterday (due to cancellations at the salon) and thought it would be fun to give the kids bikes the ‘ol once over. 18 more words



Little Miss Elouise really wants to do everything her brother does. In fact, she wants to do it better than her brother does!! So, at the start of summer it did not surprise me at all to see that she refused to ride the bike with training wheels. 57 more words