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Review: Wicked by Gregory Maguire

Warning: This blog contains spoilers.

In the autumn of 2006 I was introduced to what would become my favourite ever book. I’ve made no secret of it in previous posts – I love… 703 more words


Style Me - Elphaba


If you have seen Wicked, you will know that Elphaba wasn’t always evil. I love the costumes in Wicked but I think that it would be so cool to see an Elphaba modern take because no one’s skin is really green, at least not normally. 104 more words

Swanky Mermaid

Wicked - Apollo Victoria Theatre

Since coming back from this year’s Edinburgh Fringe, where I saw some truly inspiring performances, I’ve been struggling with London theatre. It’s all been pretty beige in comparison, slick but empty, hence the silence on this blog. 524 more words


Idina Menzel on becoming "Queen"

In 2013, pop culture had a defining moment. Disney told a love story with a rather unconventional happy ending through a movie called Frozen. You know how it goes: Princess Anna journeys through their frozen kingdom to save their land from an eternal winter, and save her sister, Elsa the Snow Queen, from self-destruction. 2,168 more words


My Priceless Broadway Experience

***Before I begin my story, I just need to say that I didn’t realize how long it would be. So if you’ve clicked on this post in mere curiosity of my Broadway audition experience, I suggest you have a nice, cold drink in your hand. 3,885 more words

Emma Hatton!

So this is LONG overdue, but I thought I’d write a quick ‘spotlight’ post on the amazing and beautiful Emma Hatton.

All I can really say is what a voice this woman has. 196 more words

Loathing. Unadulterated Loathing

Fellow Ozians, I present to you another video performance by Ingrid vs. Ingrid: “WHAT IS THIS FEELING”

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