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Ozian Nature of Wicked

There are many places where I have seen musicals take place. I am not talking about where I saw musicals. I am taking about the settings that are in the musical itself. 616 more words


Confusing Parts About a Musical

While I get older, the world of musicals gets quite complicated. In this post, I will talk about of the most confusing parts that exist in the world. 1,983 more words


When Your Child Doesn't Receive Awards

It’s that time of year. We have completed the dreaded third grade STAAR testing, we have made it through school projects, end-of-year school parties are on the calendar, those lovely packed lunches are looking skimpy, parents and teachers alike are done… only a couple of days left. 892 more words


Happy Birthday Idina Menzel

Today is Idina Menzel’s birthday! The actress who is probably best known for singing “Let It Go” in the movie “Frozen” but did you know she was a stage actress well before that role? 84 more words

Is There More than A Love Triangle In Wicked?

It is very obvious in Wicked that a love triangle is in it, which is very ironic and complicated, but is there more in Wicked than just a love triangle? 526 more words


Popular Analysis

As a matter of fact, pink is my favorite color. My favorite outfit that Glinda wears is the dress that she wears during Popular. Popular is my favorite song from Wicked because the main thing I remember about seeing Wicked on Broadway with my mom in 2006 was the fact that the song, Popular, was my favorite song from the show. 390 more words


Letter to Elphaba, Fiyero, and Glinda

Dear Elphaba, Fiyero, and Glinda

You three are my favorite characters in Wicked. Elphaba: I know exactly why I love you. But Glinda and Fiyero, that reason is so hard to pinpoint. 427 more words