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#AtoZChallenge W is for Wicked (the Musical)

“Are people born wicked?

Or do they have wickedness thrust upon them?”

Wicked, the Musical

This is the 2nd time Wicked finds its way into the A to Z Challenge.

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A To Z Blogging Challenge

Review: Alice Fearn in 'Wicked'

Saturday April 22, 2017 7:30PM @ Apollo Victoria Theatre, London
Starring: Alice Fearn (standby), Suzie Mathers, Oliver Savile, Sue Kelvin, Mark Curry

So how does one review a show on their 43rd visit of said show? 1,035 more words

The power of the understudy

All too often understudies are overlooked or forgotten, pushed to the side and avoided, and sometimes not even mentioned. Yet a show without understudies, especially an intense show with a long run, would be cancelled just as much as the shows ran. 852 more words

Other Theatre

Letter to Fiyero

Dear Fiyero,

You are one of my favorite characters in Wicked. I honestly have no idea why I love you as a character. I don’t know if it is song-related, costume-related or is something about you that really stands out. 166 more words


Strong Musical Characters

In my opinion, strong musical characters exist. It can be quite difficult to understand what makes a character strong. Some of them have very challenging lives and they tend to know how to thrive.   888 more words


"I'm Not That Girl" Analysis

When I mean “I’m Not That Girl”, I am only referring to when Elphaba sings it. This song is very parallel to “On My Own”, which is why I decided to analyze it today. 839 more words


Musical Characters Who Show Courage

What does brave mean? In the musical world, there are character who show courage. They show it in many ways. Below I will talk about some musical characters who show courage. 826 more words