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The Grain War goes into crucial face.

Our RPG campaign moves forward with important events in the civil war. The players, after having tried a failed sabotage attempt against the siege lines around Mariol, are faced with a difficult situation. 359 more words


Classic Review: Sailor on the Seas of Fate by Michael Moorcock

Classic Review is a feature where I pull a book that is over 20 years old from my collection and re-read it, then review it… 1,722 more words

Classic Reviews

Andy’s Read Pile: Elric

I know. More Michael Moorcock shite. Before you start thinking I have some sort of rager for this guy or something, let me explain.See I wanted to read more high fantasy comics…y’know Swords and Sorcery stuff. 976 more words

Comic Books

FullMetal Alchemist (Live Action)

I spent a good chunk of my high school years watching the original FullMetal Alchemist anime and loving it. I still get nostalgic for it even now. 454 more words


The Short Ed of the Stick: Thoughts on the End of FMA 2003 and Shamballa

Having recently finished the 2003-2004 Fullmetal Alchemist series and The Conqueror of Shamballa, which completes the storyline, my emotions are still in a shambled state. If you have not watched the show or the movie, please do not continue reading, as they are both worth experiencing free of spoilers. 1,451 more words



It seems everyone is getting in on the sci-fi/fantasy kick these days, what with Netflix and their Altered Carbon and Bright, Amazon with some weird pre-Hobbit show and Conan the Barbarian thing going on. 759 more words


Genre Giants: Michael Moorcock's Elric

In the Genre Giants series, we look at book settings and series old and new, from historic franchises to new series with massive potential! Today, something wicked this way comes.  1,217 more words