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Stormbringer - System Mastery 38


Episode 38 – Stormbringer

ELRIC!  Thy book is a thousand times more execrable than thou!  Though I have to admit I had this iconic piece of nerd power fantasy confused for the early part of my young life with the other one, Raistlin, this guy is apparently quite pedigreed.  60 more words


Book Review: Elric Of Melniboné

 For ten thousand years Melniboné ruled the world. Elric, the 428th Emperor, seemed destined to see that era come to an end. An albino, sustained by rare drugs, it fell to him to confront the rise of the Young Kingdoms, of the monsters and sorceries which were threatening to overwhelm him and his ancient crown. 325 more words

Book Reviews

The Brevity of life, Michael Moorcock, and Writing Feely Grimdark

So yesterday was my gran’s eighty-third birthday, and sitting next to her at dinner while the family reveled brought to me a deep sense of the brevity of life. 969 more words


David T Wilbanks, What Are Some of Your Favorite Pieces of Fantasy Fiction?

When I decided to make February Sword and Sorcery Month here at Horror Delve, the first person I thought to request a list of favorites from was author David T. 516 more words

Stormbringer - Michael Moorcock (1965)

‘Sword and Swordsman… but which was master?

STORMBRINGER, the might runesword, hung far away in the city’s armoury. ELRIC, haunted albino warrior-king, had sworn never again to touch the enchanted blade. 433 more words


Designer Talk: Deities & Demigods and Copyrights

Back when I was the online coordinator for TSR, there was a lot of misinformation running around the internet about some TSR and D&D stuff—urban legends, as it were. 614 more words

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Pith of the Pair? Moorcock and Tolkien

Peter Bebergal has an essay in the New Yorker on Michael Moorcock, the Anti-Tolkien (at least according to the headline writer). Moorcock is the author of numerous books and the creator of various incarnations of the Eternal Champion. 186 more words