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Day 154: Yourself

Once upon a time, that was you
Now it’s just anybody else
But that sound was only special
When it was coming from yourself


How to write better code: if-else chain

Just to give a little background on why I find this topic interesting, I’ll start by saying I write a code. I write a lot of code but majority of that is the the Machine Exercises and Machine Problems at school. 724 more words

They just make you worse

Yet another night with about 5 hours sleep, me signing myself up to be more busy (short course in social media management – useful for every venture, even if only to establish whether or not I get someone else to do it in future!). 429 more words


Heavy Load

Back the gym today for the first time in 2 weeks. Normally if I have time off, my deadlift is unaffected, or I can even lift more – not this time. 273 more words


15 people shared the most uncomfortable texts they've received by accident and they'll make you squirm

Anyone who has ever accidentally texted the wrong person knows how unbearably awkward it can be. As soon as the message is gone and you realize the horrifying mistake you’ve made, all that’s left to do is hope that the recipient has a good sense of humor—or at least won’t tell anyone about your embarrassing mistake. 51 more words