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It seems to me that you’ve found someone else
Someone to talk to through the days and nights
But honey, one thing I know for sure… 11 more words


one else

seeking said and moment

further as its own meaning

as its own turning

and kept as its own touch

as the learning

and well as its own secure… 48 more words


Volunteer chauffeur 

He made me take this picture exclaiming that he has been waiting 6 months for me to take his car. LOL. I love this shot — in my hand is a charizard pikachu I delivered to his home for Valentine’s Day, and on his car dashboard is a row of 8 Tsums (brought home from London) that I forced him to put up. 150 more words


what else is new

brought as its own endanger

and meaning as its own mystery

and fought as the elephant in a room

and thus as its own seen… 45 more words


First blog

This is my first blog in WordPress. Very good. Very good.


IF DO/ ELSE DO Programming in SAS

Most SAS programmers default to the tried and true IF/ELSE syntax to recode variables. There are occasions, however, when your programming tasks demand that you write repetitive IF statements that can clutter up your code. 939 more words