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Outsiders: Five Women Writers Who Changed the World - Lyndall Gordon

I don’t often read biography. I’m not sure why; it just mostly doesn’t appeal to me, though I do treasure my biography of Michael Ventris* somewhat. 957 more words


How to write ngIf Else Statement in AngularJS?

Angular 4 updated the *ngIf directive with new feature that allows us to use if/else style syntax as shown below

  • Using If

    If isValid is true
… 109 more words

Too Old

Sometimes you simply fall in love
With someone that’s too old for you
And yet you’re still surprised
When you see them with someone
Their own age… 15 more words

The God of Small Things - Arundhati Roy

Shockingly, given it won the Booker Prize, I was expecting this to be good. And, doubly shockingly, it didn’t disappoint.

This isn’t going to be a shocking review, all told. 1,098 more words


Love Lost

It’s how I am
Today I’ll give you my heart
And next week I’ll be in love
With someone else
And what I feel in this very moment is genuine… 7 more words

Bailed by commando roll into a rice field..

Today I stumbled onto a lost bastion of myself on the Internet. Like finding 20 bucks in the back pocket of an old pair of jeans, I’d forgotten about a reasonably extensive photo library I’d put up into the Googles at some point in time for some reason, and then completely abandoned. 715 more words


Resolutions..no.. goal setting 2018

Do you do this.. ?

I never used to.. and in fact, didn’t even really set any goals for 2017 until a week or so inside the year. 965 more words