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"for-else" In Python Explained

In almost all the programming languages, the else logical clause is tightly associated with the if clause. The else block can be used only within the context of… 537 more words


Nice weather

Because it’s really not a joke that British people start off conversations talking about the weather and the cold and the cloudiness… LOL. I have lots to complain about how it’s supposed to be double digits and how I miss texting on the streets. 73 more words


Day 23 - Else

What are you doing at a Kinko’s
at midnight
except for trying to escape

Same thing you’re doing
at a job fair

Same thing you’re doing… 8 more words


The Origin of Teepees - Jonnie Hughes

First point: groan at that pun title. It is terrible. Even I don’t approve.

Second point: I was sold on reading this book (which I borrowed, so I haven’t given it any money) on the grounds that it was “totally wrong but still interesting”. 653 more words


little in something else

start another day

as if the unexpected was to be expected

shout out loud and yet only

the inner workings of the mind

can convey what is exactly being said… 77 more words


The Joy of Going Nowhere

I couldn’t figure out if I was happy or not.  Was I happy “enough”? Maybe this is harder for people who have lived with periodic major depression since anything is better than that. 896 more words

Obi-Mo By @Elsebebe ft ‪@iam_YQ ‬

Else is a talented Togo-born Nigerian award winning singer and song writer. Else with the real name Pretty Ngozi Onyejiaku is a broadcast journalist who studied Journalism at the London Academy, and Economics at the University of Calabar. 73 more words