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When I first heard Abida Parveen.


I first met Abida Parveen when I was 19. I had absolutely no idea who she was. Had not heard of her…. had not heard her….. 236 more words


It's a hard thing

I could be doing ten billion different things in ten billion different places, but here I am, trying to enjoy the most out of what I have up here… 7 more words



Never calm and clear
It must be everyone else
No one else is here



Tragedy everyday
Is there anything else
To give us meaning?


Kashmiri Ver Masala

Come May, June, July,  Kashmiri households not only start getting summer ready… they also start their annual preparation for winters.

Summer cleaning means changing the heavy window curtains that were meant to stop the harsh winter air from coming in…replaced with thin lacy curtains to let the summer light in… it means removing the extra layer of flooring carpet from the ground meant to provide one extra layer of warmth for winters… it meant dusting and airing the house. 769 more words


Your Time

You can take your time
But don’t take anyone else’s
Without permission