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Do what is right for you. No one will be feeling the discomfort of being someone else but yourself. Don’t follow society, follow what you believe in. 6 more words


619: Not today

Today, I won’t

I won’t slow down, give up

I won’t turn away, or find something else to do

Not today.

Today, this day

I can – I will – I did.



The pressure always come from the dead. Justine had said, the dead pressure you to do something new. The dead says that you had to do something new. 958 more words

Aestival Seas

There are things I’m not supposed to tell you.

We take the knowledge of language, of fluency and expression for granted. We take the value of words and we’re glad that we hold them, but we never truly do. 1,685 more words

Kindred - Octavia Butler

Welp. I read this in a day. That probably says more than the thousand words I’m going to write could possibly convey about how good I thought this book was (spoilers, I’m going to write those thousand words anyway). 1,237 more words


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[tree of nothing’s apple]

I know a woman whose shadow will never be the same.

we are eating from a bowl that wants to go home. 163 more words