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Oh darkness,

you cannot hide

my seemingly elusive joy.


in my heart exists the Lamp

to guide me to it

So I will sing on!

By Martha L Shaw – © 2016


Are wealth and happiness "Elusive"?

Elusive – Daily writing prompt

Are things like happiness and wealth elusive?

“Nothing good ever happens to me!”


“I’ll never be rich”

These are just some of the internal scripts that unhappy and broke people use to describe their lives. 417 more words



I used to try and evade you, by slipping out at the night

 Now you’ve woken up, you’re keeping me in sight

I know you always find me, rely on a bell that rings… 84 more words


Rain slips through fingers.

Blatantly elusive nature.

Truly like my dreams.



Sitting in front of my computer, struggling with what to write as I am going through with feeling of numbness.

For me it is elusive, when was the last time I was MYSELF. 81 more words

Elusive Focus

One moment it was there; the next, lost.

Focus. Such an elusive entity, flitting in and out of existence like a candle’s flame in a summer storm. 173 more words

Daily Post

you're in for a proper slapping, you are...

my day started with yet another foul mood and very strong urge to track down the sandman and give that elusive bastard a piece of my mind. 345 more words