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Kateřina Cepáková: Tvrz / The Fort

Magické kreslení na klávesnici SwiftKey.

Magical drawing on the SwiftKey keyboard.


Learning words and the one that got away

Have you ever searched your mind for the perfect word and come up blank? The word is there, almost on the tip of your tongue, but it is evading you. 549 more words


When I Found You

You. Elusive as the breeze on a summer afternoon.
As the stars in the light of day, always there, just out of sight.
And I here, insignificant to you, going about my mundane life. 51 more words



Rotting leaves, rustic charm;
Scuttling, crawling, creepy creatures;
The chirping birds and cricket songs
Just an irritating echo of
my endless but futile attempt at… 73 more words


May 06, 2015 at 04:29PM

The Lynx, Mount Kenya Animal Orphanage by Poulomee Basu

View On Black

The African Lynx or the Caracal is one of the most elusive cats of Africa.

269 more words

Lou said

Playing elusive trying to get by on my own

Playing elusive never making a wrong step

Who said it would be easy to keep it up… 52 more words



Who are you but a white horse trapped behind your fence?

I’ve come face to face with you at the end of my roads;

so many times, kissing so many toads. 170 more words