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Be aware, One day, I wont be around,

Desperatley, you’ll search the crowd,

When you are high and praised,

By your presence events are graced, 134 more words


Favorites | Kingfisher Male. (Alcedo Atthis)

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Description from photographer if any:

By Mark Dyer77

Source: Flickr



you drink dew from me
like a memory

like a veil
falling into a vision of your ascension

while your heart
of stone

Copyright © 2015 Kat



I am looking
for danger
and so I find you
the chase gets me high
enough to touch the stars,
reach into
my chest and
pull my heart out
see if it beats
maybe you can make it
race, make me addicted
to your touch
but don't try to fix me
I am not broken
if you fondle my trigger
I'll be the gun that goes off
there's a night out there 
I can't wait to take it all in 
I see you 
leaning casually against the bar 
eyeing me and fingering 
a cigarrette 
I can tell you have a habit 
of easy girls and hard liquor 
I can play that game -
I'm drawn to you 
my feet move 
like clickety-clacking stiletto magnets 
automatically seeking what my body craves 
You buy me a drink and I almost 
suggest that we skip 
the pretend interest, 
like what's your name 
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In English

Her name is Poetry

Beguiling, seductive mistress

Moving stealthily through the night

Slipping into your dreams

But ever elusive to  tempted grasps

Alluring, captivating smiles

Leave you star-struck and bemused… 153 more words


To Find the Rainbow's End

First a blindfold because everyone knows
if you chase a rainbow with your eyes
open it will run away.
Like a butterfly startled by your shadow or… 112 more words


Elusive Daydreams

Well. I’m not sure where I left off, or if I’ve ever left off, but I’ve left a lot out.

For some reason I have this nagging, unequivocal daydream that seeps its way in to my brain. 259 more words