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Marlon Williams

In all honesty, I was recommended to listen to this guy only a few hours ago and am still riding the high of “new discovery thrill” but I’m thinking this feeling might last! 267 more words

Roskilde Festival

8x17 Empedocles

Title: 8×17 Empedocles
Date: 2001?
Type: Character study

Characters: Scully, Mulder, Reyes, Doggett

Doggett calls for help when Reyes shoots Jeb

Care For The Other: 1,978 more words


8x08 Surekill

Title: 8×08 Surekill
Date: 2000?
Type: MOTW

Characters: Scully, Not Mulder, Doggett

Scully figures Randall can see through walls

Scully’s Compassion:
Scully tells Randall to stand up to his brother… 466 more words


The Buddy Holly Story extends the West End to Twickenham

Tonight we are in Twickenham at The Exchange which opened just 6 month ago as a new cultural hub for the area. It has since provided the community with cinema screenings, talks, comedy nights and much with a 300 seater audience. 570 more words


6x08 The Rain King

Title: 6×08 The Rain King
Date: 14th February 1999 (Valentine’s Day)
Type: MOTW

Characters: Scully, Mulder

Mulder figures Holman loves Sheila. It’s like looking in a mirror… 1,027 more words


One Way Ticket to Love (1960)

A young sax player Kenji is first seen as he loiters around Tokyo Station with lots of other unemployed musicians hoping a booking agent will come by. 765 more words

Loss: DJ Fontana

Written by Janet Bostic

Four simple letters form a most complex emotive feeling. While loss is a personal reflection at it’s heart, it is also a universal issue hitting hard on whomever it connects with it’s punch. 674 more words