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Hound Dog

I didn’t see the dog until I was leaving the second hand store. It was an old Fisher Price wooden, goofy pull toy doggie. We bonded. 149 more words

Get It Where You Can. Yer gonna need it.

Lyrics that make me smile

We are driving on the ceiling
There are aliens on motorcycles
Riding in the radio while we destroy the world… 34 more words


859. all the way from Memphis

Mott the Hoople at peak glam let it rip with one of those ain’t-life-on-the-road-a-drag raveups that makes it sound so damned fun you want to quit everything and join the first half-assed band that crosses your path, and never return, just go-go-go … at least as far as Memphis.

All Vinyl Apocalypse

You Know the "King of Beggars"

Graceland // Chris Abani

This is a good book to read if you have a friend named “Redemption” or are aquainted with nyone who goes by “The King of Beggars.” It’s also a great book to pick up if you were named after an American XXX music star or have ever found yourself involved in an international drug traficking scandal. 101 more words

The Collection 1/18/17

January 1-18, 2017

Ah, the joys of geekdom! The last couple of weeks have seen me acquire a few cool pieces in the ever growing “Collection”. 727 more words

Star Wars

Elvis Impersonators Keep The Rockstar Alive!

Elvis Presley has been one of the best Rock and Roll artists that the world has seen in the 20th century. His style, attitude, body language and gestures impressed a number of women and made them fall for him instantly. 19 more words

Calling Cowboy Elvis

33 movies to his credit, over a BILLION records sold, Elvis to this day still has fans combing the globe to see, touch or come anywhere near anything associated with The King of Rock and Roll. 530 more words