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Death and Butterfly Kisses, the Redux

Damn these butterflies,
headlong into traffic,
each other,

and for what?
A morsel of amor,
a glimmer of Elysian Fields

soon made caricature
of the blues, 81 more words

Sun Poet's Society

Poem #12 - Elysian Fields

In the plains of open land,
where a siege was once infested with dwellers.
Filled with substance and spirit,
they dance within the sea of fire. 48 more words


Gather and Squeeze

Gather and squeeze

We are going to gather our forces

Against our mortal enemies

The thieves of Elysium will bow down to us

As we squeeze them out of house and home… 71 more words



Elysian fields
Curled tendrils of Cronus
Guard the virtuous


The Elysian Fields

What Were the Elysian Fields in Greek Mythology?

The Elysian Fields or Elysium refer to a beautiful meadow in Homer where the favored of Zeus enjoy perfect happiness. 190 more words


New Orleans / Down Bound Train

The first morning waking, is always the loneliest.

Only half awake, groggy and toes still dipped in dreams, head half spun in whiskied webs and music, but me eyes are pried open by sun risen slits and the beginning bustle of street traffic, the rushes to work, the beginning breathes of this day, my haze, my head, still lingering on the night before. 1,879 more words

Creative Writing

Queen City, Emerald City, Jet City: regardless of the name, Seattle is always great

I’m a guy who really likes revisiting some places. Actually, I prefer to go 10 times to the same city if I really like it, than going somewhere new. 749 more words