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E is for Elysian Fields and Future Words

Elysian Fields and Future Words

The boy she loved lives in Elysian Fields, taken too soon, all the shared future words but memories in her journal. 84 more words


Carrion Horse

This horse has been dead nearly six months.
He was shot straight out from under me.
He folded over, went to his knees and I landed in a broken heap on the barren ground. 331 more words


Elysian Fields - The Film

Derived from the latin elidĕre, meaning ‘out of or away from the damaged’, the Elysian Fields is a mythological conception of the afterlife where righteous and heroic souls remained after their death. 309 more words

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The Biennale

Bombay beach Biennale is an artistic festival founded by Tao Ruspoli, Lily Johnson-White and Stefan Ashkenazy, which takes place in a partially abandoned town on the shores of the Salton Sea in the Imperial Valley, a vast desert area in California. 131 more words

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The Salton Sea

The Salton Sea was born after a severe flood of the Colorado river created a vast fresh-water lake in the early 20th century. Sitting 150 miles east of Los Angeles in the dry and hot Sonoran Desert, the Salton Sea is a 375-square-mile accident of nature, industry and real estate. 176 more words

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