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Eat at Melba's

Located on the intersection of Elysian Fields and North Claiborne Avenue, the home of “America’s Busiest Po’Boy Shop” resides. Melba’s opened in the wake of Hurricane Katrina and has since won awards for being a staple of creole cuisine. 236 more words

Asphodel Meadows

When I first started writing The Meadows, the original title was going to be Asphodel Meadows. But several of my friends had trouble pronouncing it, so I decided to have the main character in the story shorten the name of her bed and breakfast since that’s what everyone in the town called it anyway. 281 more words

Elysian Fields

Today at the Haunted Wordsmith’s 3TC the three words are unicorn, fairy, and devil.

The unicorn wandered alone in the Elysian Fields where he lived. 510 more words

E is for Elysian Fields and Future Words

Elysian Fields and Future Words

The boy she loved lives in Elysian Fields, taken too soon, all the shared future words but memories in her journal. 84 more words


Carrion Horse

This horse has been dead nearly six months.
He was shot straight out from under me.
He folded over, went to his knees and I landed in a broken heap on the barren ground. 331 more words


Elysian Fields - The Film

Derived from the latin elidĕre, meaning ‘out of or away from the damaged’, the Elysian Fields is a mythological conception of the afterlife where righteous and heroic souls remained after their death. 309 more words

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