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Bk 1 xxxiv 4 De vitiis (cont)

The passage from Aen. 5.287 reads:

Hoc pius Aeneas misso certamine tendit gramineum in campum …

This contest sped, loyal Aeneas moves to a field of grass … 438 more words

Early Latin

. . . lil' red

Trap her in the woods see her hood flashing red through the pines

Elysian Fields | Red Riding Hood


Update #1 - 15/04 -17


Different worlds

Hotkeys and actionbars




Spells and melee damage


Improved pathfinding

Video of update

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Different worlds

To allow for procedurally generated worlds, I have added the possibility of having different “worlds” that are not in any way connected to each other, each with individual maps. 315 more words

Elysian Fields

Down the Garden Path by Beverley Nichols

Before reading Down the Garden Path by Beverley Nichols, I quickly scanned Old Herbaceous and The Gardener’s Year, two old books on gardening that aren’t really about gardening, but more like old-timey, self-deprecating insights on the human condition. 247 more words

Bass Tab: Megadeth - Elysian Fields

Title: Elysian Fields
Artist: Megadeth
Album: Youthanasia
Tuning: 5 String Standard – 1/2 step down (A# D# G# C# F#)
Tab Author: Pearce Hamblin

Tab Links: 6 more words