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North Sydney Worm Farm and Bokashi Workshop

When: Sat 13 Oct, 1-3pm
Where: Coal Loader Centre for Sustainability, 2 Balls Head Drive Waverton
Worm farming is a great way to reduce your food waste and create ready-made fertiliser. 52 more words

Bokashi mudballs and Bengal tigers

We’re in Hawaii, at the Panaewa Rainforest Zoo (click for film clip!). The kids are doing all sorts of fun stuff — worm petting, anyone? — but one of the odder items was getting the kids involved in making Bokashi mudballs. 280 more words

Bokashi In The World

How to make Japan EM Bokashi (organic) compost?

Japan EM Bokashi – Organic ဓါတ္ေၿမၾသဇာ သူတို႔ ဘယ္လိုလုပ္။

100 lb (20kg X 2 bags) of wheat bran
12 litres of warm water
240 cc of molasses… 294 more words

Sustainable Agriculture

Bokashi Bin Working Together With Our Worm Farm

I have been working on this video for awhile now.  Any free moment I would do a little bit more to finish it (I have been really busy at work). 88 more words

Worm Farm

EM Bokashi update & dog poo

On the 12th of July 2008 I wrote a post titled ‘What to do with dog poo?’.

This post was about how we were going to recycle our dog poo (and with two dogs, believe me when I say we have a dog poo factory at our house). 132 more words

Puppy Doggies

Why is dog poo so interesting?

If you take a sneak peak at the statistics of each individual post on my website you will discover something a little strange.


The overall top posts in regards to how many hits (different from the daily top posts which I display on the left hand side) are all to do with dog poo!  334 more words

Puppy Doggies

What to do with dog poo?

It has been interesting to view the statistics on each post.  By the far the most popular post has been ‘Doggie Poo Loo’.


As a recap on this post, I decided that it would not be the best option to add our dog poo to our worm farm.  338 more words

Puppy Doggies