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May the force be with you....And it is!

” With consumers showing increasing resistance to traditional forms of advertising such as TV or newspaper ads, marketers have turned to alternate strategies, including viral marketing. 504 more words

Viral Media

Down... but not out.

The Wolfgang Peterson directed movie ‘Outbreak’ is broadly based on the premise of an unknown deadly virus breaking out in a small rural community in the United States and the measures the virologists take to identify it and ultimately come up with a cure for it. 861 more words

Viral Media

Getting the Word Out There

Part one of the book argues that the printing press brought changes to people’s everyday life.  With more books readily available the acceleration of knowledge rapidly spread.   342 more words

Danelle A

Evolution of journalism: new ideas, new relationships

I see two assertions by Eisenstein as particularly relevant to the state of journalism today. Although Eisenstein wrote about the impact of the printing press during the 15th and 16th centuries, her points are analogous to the impact of emerging digital media on journalism in the 21st century. 814 more words


Real World Vs. Cyberspace

It has become increasingly clear to me through the course of both this class and my current project that there is very clear tension between opinions on the real world vs. 868 more words


Corporate Democracy

Hi, let me introduce myself. I am a Corporation.

You may think you know me but trust me, you don’t. You see, if you want to deal in the “digital age” then you have to deal with me. 847 more words


Personalization is Bad?

When you log on to the Internet, where do you go? Since you are reading my blog, I’ll assume that you do get on at least occasionally to fairly regularly. 1,041 more words