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Jump to first non-whitespace character in line in emacs


I’m looking for the emacs equivalent of vi’s ^.

How can I move my cursor to the first non-whitespace character in a line? 31 more words


Using Emacs, Beginner Level

Hello, let’s talk about development environments.

Currently, Emacs is my preferred editor, I’m still a beginner with it but it already helps me a lot on C, and sometimes Python, programming. 744 more words


Opening All Files in a Git Commit

Sometimes even Linux crashes, or a machine loses power, in which case applications lose their history.

This has been an annoyance for me with Emacs and a project that I’m working on that is version controlled with Git, or perhaps I just want to open all of the files in a commit so that they are the most recent in my list of open files in Emacs. 213 more words


Particle Photon: Javascript API

This is whats covered in this section

 |user          +----------+        +-------------+
 |              | cli      |        | js sdk      |
 |              +--------+-+        +---+---------+
 |                       |              |
 |Particle               |              |
 |Cloud                 ++--------------+
 |                      |  cloud        |    
 |                      +--+----------+-+   
 |Photon                +--+----------+-+
 |                      | particle      |
 |                      | photon        |
 +                      +---------------+
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So, I've been using gedit this whole time

This is my coming out. I’m 31. I’ve been programming since I was 16, but all this time, I’ve never learned how to use a “proper” text editor. 546 more words


Lispbian Pi. A Lambda Delta.

I’m conflicted. Part of me says that ‘us old timers’ shouldn’t assume ‘the way things were when we were kids’ were better but we know the Raspberry Pi was an attempt to recapture the spirit of the BBC Micro Model B and that seems to have gone quite well. 464 more words

Information Systems

How to make prettify-symbols-mode work with AUCTeX

prettify-symbols-mode is a recent feature of Emacs and it’s very nice. And it looks like it can replace TeX-fold-mode in the future. But, at the time of writing, prettify-symbols-mode doesn’t seem to work well with AUCTeX unless you enable two workarounds together. 483 more words