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Auto-refresh files when using tramp


I am viewing remote log files using tramp mode in emacs. Is there a way to get tramp to auto-refresh these buffers when they change remotely? 148 more words


byobu and emacs compatibility

It seems that byobu‘s defaults don’t play nice with emacs, eating important key sequences such as <C-h> and breaking color schemes. Adding the following line to ~/ 18 more words


Mapping "jk" to Escape in Emacs' evil-mode


I’m a Vim user. But more & more these days I find that one of my favourite versions of Vim is Emacs. Specifically, its… 99 more words


Migrating to Emacs, carrying my 4 years of Vim with me !

The benefit of using a powerful text editor is not of the savings in time you get but the chance for your tools to talk with your mind. 804 more words


Installing zenburn theme on Aquamacs

I followed the steps in https://github.com/bbatsov/zenburn-emacs to install zenburn theme using MELPA. But I had difficulty making it stick the next time it loads. These are the steps that works with me: 115 more words

Filename in chinese shows as unicode characters


when using C-x C-f, the filename which includes Chinese characters are shown as following:

How can I configure it to show Chinese words? Thank you. 98 more words