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Orgmode Heading Font

In orgmode, heading’s font is usually different, larger and slim. If you are using solarized theme, you can set

;; Don't change the font for some headings and titles
(setq solarized-use-variable-pitch nil)
;; Don't change size of org-mode headlines (but keep other size-changes)
(setq solarized-scale-org-headlines nil)

A short guide to install AUCTeX

I write this note for myself, in order not to forget how to install and configure AUCTeX, so there are some tweaks that only work on my machine (which runs Arch Linux). 1,274 more words


Emacs Basic Setup

The intention to try Emacs is its orgmode, and this is a very basic setup so far.

Emacs has builtin package manager, we can install package from sites like… 205 more words


meme x giffy

The other week I was tinkering with editing GIF animations in Emacs, and then I started wondering: Can this be any more ridiculous?

Yes. 193 more words


C-h f taming-the-emacs-dinosaur - /I

New series. No verbose docs. This is emacs, so no fanciness, let’s get straight to the point. Goal: to create a decent init.el, with marvellous support to… 427 more words

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Of course you should be able to make animated GIFs in Emacs

I was wondering what a convenient production process for GIFs from movies would be like, so I hacked my hacked version of mplayer a bit more.  125 more words


How to enable a non-global minor mode by default, on emacs startup?


I want to enable rainbow-mode everytime I start emacs, rather than having to use M-x rainbow-mode.

I guess there is some command I put in my .emacs file. 393 more words