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emacs daemon for ElementaryOS

I’ve just switched whole hog to ElementaryOS. So now I’m exploring new improvements in some of my ancient setups. For example, emacs. I’ve been using emacs for probably 20+ years. 407 more words

Reading Intel docs in Emacs

Emacs users have another way to read Intel x86 documentation:

Quickly Access x86 Documentation in #Emacshttps://t.co/bivlLFeW1l

— 0xAX (@0xAX) November 23, 2015


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Inserting an XML declaration with nXML mode


  • how to?

    Just do

    M-x nxml-insert-xml-declaration

    Or, shortly, do

    C-c C-x

    How to detect Friday the 13th with full moon using Emacs

    Almost 21 years ago, in 1994, I bought the brand new edition of Numerical Recipes in C: The Art of Scientific Computing. As an engineering and mathematics student who was much into programming, I still remember my excitement then, as well as the bright red hard-cover. 211 more words


    Installing emacs with my init

    I finally got a real test case for using my emacs.d init file in org-mode. I had spent a week working on it months ago but I never had to reinstall it from scratch. 203 more words


    GNU Emacs Packages for Python Programming

    Lately I’ve been writing a lot of Python code, so tonight I want to talk a little about the GNU Emacs packages I use for Python programming. 464 more words

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