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How to delete emacs #file# from terminal

When using emacs, temporary files and backup files are created. This can be a useful thing, but often these files do not delete themselves as they should when emacs is closed. 55 more words


EMACS Setup For Beginners

I do focus on things that I do, rather than the tools which are use to develop it. I was in search for an editor which suited me as a personality. 433 more words


Hello World

Abstract :: This is a poem that I like :-)

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hello tonight budddddy


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Why Emacs?

This is my answer to “Why Emacs?” question. I am not against any type of tool. Text Editor and/or IDE is just a tool. No tool is perfect and no single tool can be used for all problems and requirements. 153 more words


Tiny sketch of Clevedon Pier

This is a quick and really tiny sketch that I did of Clevedon Pier the other day in my smallest sketch book. It was raining so I started it outside then ran for home to finish it.

(Posted from Org mode)


Test from org mode to Wordpress

This is a test from org mode. I’m hoping that I can post to my blog from Emacs using org mode. I will post some updates soon on my use of org mode in Emacs, something I’ve been using for over 10 years in secret, like it’s some kind of illness‚Ķmaybe it is!

Org Mode

Moses receiving the Ten Commandments on top of mount Sinai

Disclaimer for the art section

Since this is my first post in the art section of my blog, let me start with some general remarks. 462 more words