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Implementing pwdw pwdc, a summary of manipulating directory name strings in Emacs lisp

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  1. this article summaries several technical tricks for implementing two functions
    • pwdw: copy the dir name of the current buffer (in Windows format) to the kill-ring (clip-board)
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Emacs org-mode goodness

I had used Emacs Org mode in the past but not the extent where it is now tightly integrated with most of my workflows. Yes, I’m an Emacs fanatic. 749 more words


Programming: More Emacs for Hugo Scripting

Converting Youtube WordPress Links to iframe Embeds

Yesterday’s DIY involved converting posts from dreamwidth to hugo (actually jekyl). Most of the heavy lifting was done by Thomas Frössm’s… 245 more words

Emacs Functions for Blogging with Hugo

I’ve been thinking a bit about moving my blog yet again. This time to hugo for a variety of reasons:

  1. I don’t use more than 10% of the features offered by WordPress.
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Touchy Emacs

I use Emacs as a music playing interface, and I thought it would be nice try to create a pure touch screen interface, just … because. 367 more words


using emacs to promote git health


Having a well structured commit history in a feature branch makes development more efficient. Sensibly named and placed markers allow you to quickly revisit points in the change history. 814 more words