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Using Flycheck with glslangValidator for syntax checking and SPIR-V compilation from GLSL source code

In the not so long time that I have been working with Vulkan, I adopted the method of scheduling shader compilation right before starting building the program. 185 more words


Intervju med Patrik Willard

Härom dagen snackade vi lite granna med Patrik Willard som jobbar på Ericsson. Som vanligt handlade det om programmering, fördomar mot oss vanliga hederliga programmerare, test och undervisning. 61 more words

Hello World

Hello Word!

My name is Guillermo Nicolas Hamity, a 3rd year PhD at the University of Sheffield in High Energy Physics, working on the ATLAS Experiment at CERN. 144 more words


Looking Back on 2017, Looking Forward to 2018

by Paul Thompson

It’s that time of year again. When you push back a little, eat and drink too much of the wrong stuff, and for a while take your eye off the ball. 393 more words


Golden Globes 2018: Feud A Bitter Closer Look

Some of our favorite stories to research and write involve the intersection of pop culture, and food and drink. Last year, we featured many recipes and cocktails inspired by award-program nominees. 606 more words

Food & Drink

Among the stars aboard the Evil flagship of Spacemacs

Who doesn’t know the holy wars between Emacs and Vim, the most advanced text editors? “Vim is lighter”, “Emacs is more configurable”, “Vim is more productive”, “Emacs can have everything you can imagine”… If you believe, like me, that both sides are right, Spacemacs is your text editor. 337 more words


Making the move finally, shifted from Windows to GNU/Linux to Emacs, once and for all!

The Migration:

Shifted to Ubuntu 14 (GNU/Linux), 64-bit – Single Boot from Windows 7 32-bit.

This will not be a temporary shift but a total migration. 540 more words