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Variable Pitch Tables

While using the Emacs WordPress interface on various screens here, it became clear that the sloppy way I was laying out various tables just didn’t really work. 288 more words


Further Fun With the Clipboard

In the previous episode of this blog, I mused about how Emacs should perhaps handle non-text yanking (i.e., HTML and images).

I didn’t really want to write a mode to examine the clipboard and the selections, … 300 more words


The Mysteries of the Selection

After writing the package to edit WordPress articles in Emacs, I started thinking about doing something about non-text X selections in Emacs.

Emacs has all the required low-level support it needs to be able to yank HTML and images into Emacs, but nobody’s mainstreamed more high-level support into Emacs. 781 more words


Editing Wordpress Articles in Emacs

I’ve got my blog on WordPress.com, which has some positive aspects (I don’t have to run it) and some negative (I can’t control it fully). But whether I’m running WordPress myself or not, there’s one thing that’s always true: I loathe the browser-based editor. 432 more words


vim over emacs

this flame war is old enough to be documented:

How comes that vim is favoured over his counterpart?

Roman Polanski used Vim in his first English movie… 67 more words


From Vim to Spacemacs

I’m very fond of Vim. It’s lean, it’s everywhere (if not, there’s vi anyway), it does the job. I also love Neovim and I’ve set it up with some plugins to ease Python development, such as… 1,169 more words