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Using emacsclient to Speed up Editing

When using a typical graphical text editor like gedit it is expected to be able to quickly open files from your file manager and make edits. 857 more words

Comint Intercept: Combine shell/eshell/term mode

This is another Emacs package I developed recently to make my life better.


Comint Intercept


Intercept the input in comint-mode. This can be used to run eshell command, or run some command in a terminal buffer from the command line in shell buffer. 243 more words


Hello World

Table of Contents

this is a test run, byebye.

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hello there

a child

words here

a sibling


Emacs & Org-mode 笔记

  • C-x C-s   Is save file
  • C-c C-w Anoth save
  •  C-x C-f    Open or New file
  •  C-/ Undo


Time and Data

  • C-c C-s Add Schedule time
  • C-c C-d Add Deadline time


My Text Editor Journey: Vim, Spacemacs, Atom and Sublime Text

@tachyeonz : I currently use a highly customized Sublime Text 3 as my text editor for almost all programming. However, people are often surprised to learn that I’ve used Vim for 6 months, Emacs/Spacemacs for 10 months (including much elisp hacking) and Atom for a month, yet I still prefer Sublime. 6 more words


Emacs with Prelude

1. Prelude

Prelude provides a pre-defined set of functionalities that modernizes emacs without the user requiring to install countless packages and initializing them manually. Therefore, prelude can be a good starting point for your emacs setup. 534 more words

Emacs and the masters of the universe

After trying to work with Emacs, sublime, atom, pycharm, visual studio code , here I’m back again with Emacs. Maybe it’s not so hip like all new editors  but it knows how to get things done , maybe I’m too addicted to the  keybindings  which makes me too frustrating to work with other editors(yeah most of them got Emacs mode and all , but it’s still not Emacs).