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Jump to first non-whitespace character in line in emacs


I’m looking for the emacs equivalent of vi’s ^.

How can I move my cursor to the first non-whitespace character in a line? 102 more words


Suddenly... It was 2:50 AM

I spent my free time today studying either for my Physics II midterm or going through Learn Python the Hard Way. I went to bed, content with my progress. 131 more words


Publish on wordpress with orgmode

What’s org-mode

org-mode is a package for emacs for keeping notes, TODO lists and more.

It’s a kind of markup language fully integrated with emacs. 227 more words


Blast from the Past

I looked at some PowerPoints I made in 2014 today from when I was getting really into showing new robotics members how to program… After going back and learning how to program with some guidance from textbooks and websites, I realised that I tried teaching way too fast. 70 more words


Emacs and Cheese

After two midterm exams, I am back in the swing of things and learning more. After Codecademy reset my Python progress to make way for their new curriculum, I switched over to learning through… 154 more words


My Emacs Configuration

Emacs is a powerful editor that can be a bit intimidating in the beginning, but it has many useful features. Normally I use it to program in C/C++, R and Python, and to write all sorts of documents (including presentation slides) in LaTeX. 818 more words

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