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So, I’ve been using emacs exclusively for exactly one year today. I have
uninstalled every other text editor and decided to force myself to use emacs to… 187 more words


How To Set Up a Common Lisp Environment in Emacs on MacOS

This is your goal:

To do this you will have to install Homebrew, Emacs, SBCL, Quicklisp and Slime.

Open your terminal…

Homebrew: If you already do development work on a Mac you might already have Homebrew installed. 908 more words

Computer Science

Interacting with BBDB and gnuplot

Recently a question came up about the age range of our software development team. I maintain a simple employee database in BBDB which includes, amongst other things, employees’ date of birth. 447 more words


emacs: visiting all files in a directory as read-only

Create a file in said directory called .dir-locals.el with the following content

((nil . ((buffer-read-only . t))))

Common compilation errors in Beamer and possible solutions (part 1)

This blog post is the first of a series that aims at documenting the most common errors I’ve found when preparing presentation slides in beamer AND using the… 611 more words


Org Mode Syntax Cheat Sheet

I’m a keen user of Emacs and Org mode for a variety of tasks, including

  • note taking,
  • generating documents for exporting to LaTeX, Word, or html.
  • 467 more words

Emacs: Stop Cursor Going into Minibuffer Prompt


By Xah Lee. Date: 2013-06-06. Last updated: 2017-07-01.

in emacs minibuffer prompt, when you press the left arrow key, the cursor will move back all the way over the prompt text. 200 more words