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Announcing cpan.el

The CPAN shell is just another shell, so why not drive it from Emacs?

If you write Perl code in Emacs, you may have wondered why we don’t have a simple mode for driving the CPAN shell (at least I couldn’t find one!). 98 more words


Emacs init files revisited

もう何年も同じ設定の.emacsであったが、Chromebook Flip用に環境構築した際に大胆に変えてみた。今はQiitaとかで簡単に情報が手に入って便利。


  • init-loaderを使ってconfigを複数ファイルに分ける
  • use-packageでpackageの設定をきれいに
  • company, ycmd, helm, magitをまじめに設定
  • shell-modeまわりもcolor対応など手を入れる



Setup Emacs for Rust on MacOS

  1. Install Rustup

curl https://sh.rustup.rs -sSf | sh

you may need to uninstall existing rust on your machine

sudo /usr/local/lib/rustlib/uninstall.sh

Install Racer

rustup component add rust-src
source $HOME/.cargo/env
… 102 more words


とりあえずこんな感じで。syntax highlightに(e)lispがないのでclojureで代用。

(require 'org2blog-autoloads)
(require 'netrc)
(setq blog (netrc-machine (netrc-parse "~/.netrc") "myblog" t))
(setq org2blog/wp-blog-alist
	 :url "https://kazush.wordpress.com/xmlrpc.php"
	 :username ,(netrc-get blog "login")
	 :password ,(netrc-get blog "password"))))
(setq org2blog/wp-use-sourcecode-shortcode t)
(define-key global-map "\C-cob"
  (lambda () (interactive)

Productivity with Emacs

One of the noticing things when working for a startup is the amount of technologies you run into. We at Manetos started out with a minimal tech stack mostly for keeping things simple and easy to fix. 711 more words


Your Data Science Workflow

@tachyeonz : The first thing to know is your computing architecture. Most of you will be using your laptops, which will likely be running Windows or Mac OS. 23 more words


Using webmode with Emacs

Want better HTML editing features for Emacs? Not happy with Jinja template editing in Emacs? Try this and you won’t be disappointed.

Download web-mode.el from… 126 more words