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Avoiding the Yoyo Info Diet

I’ve been spending far too much time consuming empty scraps of webpages lately and far too little on books and media that matter to me, not to mention this book I’ve been trying to write. 310 more words


From orgmode to asciidoc (OR: ditching emacs)

Hello people,

I’m back. The portal will open in 3…2…1...

OK, here are some updates. After taming the beast for two long years, I’m now slowly ditching… 285 more words

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Faster Editing Magik in Emacs

When editing Smallworld Magik source in Emacs, the tooling experience is usually very comprehensive.  There are the common facilities provided by Emacs, such as tags tables, abbrevs, the keyboard navigation that is unmatched in todays development environments, to name a few. 173 more words


A New Co-Maintainer for PHP Mode

A couple of friends asked me if I had made any progress in finding a new maintainer for PHP Mode. I am happy to announce that I have. 187 more words


Rails testing and Emacs mode line

I’ve been diving/digging into the oh-so-excellent Rails Tutorial, by Michael Hartl, and am into chapter 3, where testing begins.

Imagine my surprise — go ahead, imagine it — when my Emacs mode line changed color. 270 more words


Sage Development with Emacs

A while back I described my (then current) setup to develop C code with Emacs. The other programming language I tend to spend a lot of time with is Python, specifically… 673 more words