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Announcing flycheck-pod.el, Flycheck support for Perl 5 POD files

Recently I was writing some Plain Old Documentation (aka POD) for one of my Perl modules, and I thought it would be convenient to have… 73 more words


Emacs org-mode export markdown - Stack Overflow

If you are using Org-mode version 8.0 or later (check with M-x org-version), the export framework is broken up into several libraries that are not necessarily loaded by default.

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Emacs - Error when calling (server-start)


I am currently using GNU Emacs in Windows Vista SP1. In my .emacs file I make a call to (server-start) and that is causing an error with the message  252 more words


org mode - Command to insert code block? - Emacs Stack Exchange

Yes, it’s called easy templates.

Org mode supports insertion of empty structural elements (like ‘#+BEGIN_SRC’ and ‘#+END_SRC’ pairs) with just a few key strokes. This is achieved through a native template expansion mechanism.

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Writing with VIM

Though his VIM editor might require a wee seminar
I send out a personal thank you to Bram Moolenaar
who helps me write with a tool superior by far… 44 more words


My Emacs writing setup

My writing setup

I like to use Emacs for as much as I can. Because I love it. It’s fast, open source and gives your fingers real superpowers. 281 more words