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Install packages

Many of the tips I cover here will work with standard emacs, but sometimes we will need to have extra packages installed for additional functionality. … 162 more words


Comment blocks of text

To comment or uncomment several lines of text, highlight the lines, and use M-; to comment or uncomment all of the lines. Emacs should automatically use the right comment character for the mode you are using.

Here is a simple example:


Mark or highlight text using the keyboard

To mark or highlight a region using the keyboard, press C-SPACE to set a mark and the move the cursor as normal (with e.g. arrow keys, or any other navigation commands). 27 more words


Emacs 설정

Emacs 설정.

환경: Ubuntu 15.4, GNU Emacs 24.4.1 (x86_64-pc-linux-gnu, GTK+ Version 3.14.9)
of 2015-03-21 on kissel, modified by Debian.

이맥스는 자체 한글 입력기를 내장하고 있어서, 시스템 입력기를 쓰는 다른 프로그램과 달리 한글 입력 설정을 잘 해야 시스템 입력기와 충돌하지 않고 무리 없이 쓸 수 있다. 67 more words

Computer And Internet

Github: alt.sources.* rides again, on steroids.

It’s back to he days of alt.sources.*.   With the advent of github, I seem to be building my favorite tools  from sources again most of the time.   180 more words


Move to Start or End of Buffer

Use M-< and M-> to move to the start or end of a buffer, respectively.