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Are we in for a series of earthquakes?

I was preparing a stick comic for my friend for his birthday. Jan 4, 2016. This is when I asked Cortana to update me with the latest news. 153 more words

S G A Thomas

Mobile phones to expect for 2016 (Leaked)

From the formal end of FireFox OS to rendered leaks of OnePlus 3, this week has been ups and downs for the Mobile World. And we thought to have a brief look on last week’s ‘never to be missed’ updates. 14 more words

S G A Thomas

Shanmu Uncle: What happens to Ships entering Bermuda triangle ?

“The very first problem of Bermuda triangle lies with defining it..”

“Defining it? I heard that it is an area in the Atlantic Ocean bounded by imaginary lines that run from Bermuda down to Puerto Rico, over to southeast Florida, and back up to Bermuda.” 14 more words

S G A Thomas


The river Thamirabarani originates from the famous Agasthyakoodam peak in Western Ghats. It flows through Tirunelveli and Tuticorin Districts of Tamilnadu and drains into Gulf of Mannar near Punnakkayal in Tuticorin District. 76 more words

S G A Thomas

InFocus : The Return of Maggi

Amid severe ban scare, Maggi reintroduction was a success. Maggi has been re-launched in 100 towns through 300-odd distributors and will be rolled out in many more areas in the coming days. 14 more words

S G A Thomas

Kenya Attack – 147 killed: The real story

On April 2 2015, five heavily armed militants, after killing two security guards, started shooting on students. The attack was considered as second deadliest assault in Kenyan soil, the first being 1998 Nairobi blast on the US Embassy which took more than 200 lives. 15 more words

S G A Thomas