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Why is My Email Marked as Spam?

It’s every email marketer’s worst nightmare. They spend days, or even weeks working on a perfect email design, layout, length, and subject line. When they find out from their customer or prospect that the message ended up in their spam folder, it causes extreme frustration. 521 more words

Email Delivery

The Difference Between a Hard and a Soft Bounce

The term “bounce” as it pertains to email analysis is never a good one. Put simply, a bounced email means that your email was not delivered to the intended recipient. 501 more words

Email Deliverability

Improvement Tips For Email Deliverability

Email deliverability is the primary line of defense when it comes to making your recipients to open your emails and take the needed action. To be more precise, if the emails do not get delivered initially, then inbox vs. 417 more words

Some Keys to Email Deliverability

Mail regularly.

If your email broadcasts are loaded with huge images, strange fonts or any attachments, you could be wrecking your deliverability, by triggering filters at the ISP’s, or in the end user’s software. 119 more words

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Get Better Inbox Delivery by Focusing on Email Engagement

Internet Service Providers (ISPs) take email engagement very seriously. In fact, engagement metrics have become the leading determinant of whether an email message reaches your target’s inbox, bulk, or spam folder. 391 more words