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Fear the Walking Dead...DOMAINS

Addresses from dead domains are like zombies. They exist in your list and look kind of like the real thing (i.e., valid addresses that you can send to). 321 more words

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17 Ways to Improve Your Email Deliverability

You’ve probably read about it: U.S. email reaches subscribers’ inboxes only 76% of the time, according to research from Return Path. It’s nearly the worst deliverability rate in the world. 735 more words

Email Deliverability

5 Important Things that Affect Email Delivery & How You Can Overcome Them

While list quality and reputation account for much of email deliverability, several tips can jump-start a staggering email push. In this guest post, Sophorn Chhay of Trumpia, will explain important factors that affect email deliverability and how email marketers can overcome them. 737 more words

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Everything You Need To Know About Bounces

A bounce address is a type of return path in which an email address message cannot be delivered to the recipient because the email does not exist, the recipient changed hosts, the recipient has blocked the message and/or the MTA sent it to the address given by the MAIL FROM command which has many variants of the name, none of them used universally, including return path, reverse path, envelope from, envelope sender, MAIL FROM, 5321-FROM, return address, From_, Errors-to, etc. 342 more words

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There is so much you can cover on the subject of email marketing such as planning, preparation, template layout, content, headlines, Call To Action, testing, execution, metrics and measuring responses. 479 more words


5 Keys to Avoiding a Bad (Sender) Reputation

Your Sender Score, a ReturnPath metric to gauge your reputation as an email sender, is pretty important. It determines whether or not the door to recipient inboxes is open to your email communications and whether or not you’re even a welcome visitor. 704 more words

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What is a Sender Score And Why Does it Matter?

For your eye-catching calls-to-action to get clicked on, your carefully crafted and targeted content to get read and engaged with and, heck, your messages even opened altogether, your email needs to first make it into the inbox. 654 more words

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