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Hot new product on Product Hunt: Boastable


The fastest way to get feedback & reviews from customers.

Product topic: Web App, Email, CSM Tools, Public Relations, Analytics, Customer communication, Growth Hacking, SEO Tools, SaaS, Tech
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How To Make More Money By Spending Less Time On Email Marketing

Wouldn’t be great if you could spend less time on email marketing…

…but make more money?

That’s the dream right?

The “laptop lifestyle”…work when and where you want… 334 more words


Taking a break from the online world

So I’ve posted nothing here in a while, and very little on my other blog. Between all the things to read on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram, I’ve got social media brain overload. 264 more words

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Late Night Lessons From TV Roulette

Who remembers late night roulette?

Maybe you still watch it, it’s weirdly good viewing at 2am when normal programs have stopped.

I remember lying in bed watching Fast & Furious: Tokyo Drift on ITV 2 for the 15th time that month and getting sucked involuntarily into the world of TV Roulette. 637 more words


Hot new product on Product Hunt: Stripo.email


Free email template builder for designers and developers.

Product topic: Web App, Email, Design Tools, Productivity, Email Newsletters, User Experience, Email Marketing, Marketing, Growth Hacking, Developer Tools, Tech
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Teen Corner - Introduction

Hi there! Hiii… If you’re reading this you’re probably a teenager or a young adult searching for an escape or some tips on how to deal with your age. 180 more words


HP Printer Not Working Or Connecting And Connection Failed

First, try restarting your computer, printer and wireless router. To check if your printer is connected to your network: Printer a Wireless Network Test report from the printer control panel. 278 more words