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Winter is coming

It is cold outside. The other night, there was this cold fog all around during our late night walk. I hope we would have snow this year. 27 more words

...and the rain goes on

Autumn is beautiful. Even in it’s foggy, rainy form. The leaves on the firewalls are painted with hundreds of colours. I love it.

Emancipator – Soon It Will Be Cold Enough to Build Fires

Emancipator releases 'Goodness' in advance of full album 'Baralku'

In September of 2017 Emancipator released a single, “Goodness,” in advance of a full album due in November called “Baralku,” on the artist’s own Loci Records. 50 more words


Emancipator - Soon It Will Be Cold Enough

It’s hard to believe this album was originally sold on CDRs by Douglas Appling, who would hand deliver them to the post office every week. It took two years until Nujabes noticed it and later rereleased it on his own Hydeout Productions, but I’m struggling to think of a better mentor for Emancipator’s particular brand of downtempo ambience: piano and guitar find harmony together, the string arrangements fit perfectly where utilized, the soundscapes evoke images of winter and movement, but the album’s real strength is in its expert use of empty space, in momentary pauses and quiet that serve the music and remind us that the good times are good… 524 more words


WarmaZone Stat Cards #2: Cygnar, Mercs, and Dwarves

Time for another update, and this time, it’s a lot of stat cards for use in your custom games of Warmachine. We’ve got the Mule and Emancipator back, along with an updated stat card for Niko the Lost, and some homebrews for Cygnar. 452 more words

The Glorious Emancipator!

I was in church a few weeks ago, and this hymn jumped at me in so many ways. I downloaded it after the service, and by the end of the week I had listened to it about 100 times. 191 more words

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