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About a month ago, I read Middlesex, the Pulitzer prize-winning novel by Jeffrey Eugenides, whose first novel was The Virgin Suicides. I had seen the film version of Suicides, directed by Sofia Coppola, but that isn’t why I bought Middlesex. 823 more words


The Armor of God (EMBERA, NORTHERN: Bible NT)


Ephesians (Epeso) 6:10-18

10 Maʌ̃ awara djabarã, dadjirã Boro ʌb̶ʌa waib̶ʌa b̶ʌd̶eba zarea b̶ead̶adua.

11 Ãcõrẽba bãrãa diasia cadjiruad̶ebemada jũãtrʌd̶amãrẽã. Maʌ̃gʌba jũãtrʌ b̶ead̶adua sordaoba idji jũãtrʌbari jʌ̃bari quĩrãca. 325 more words


EMB 18/02/2016

Love this song, love the group, and the music video will always be one I remember.  I can still remember watching the bee costume dancing from when I was a kid.  39 more words

Will negative interest rates cause suppliers to demand later payments?

An article in the New York Times (February 12, 2016) titled “Negative 0.5 % interest rates: Why people are paying to save”, asks if suppliers, in a shift from the past, prevent buyers from paying up front. 79 more words