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Real things that are scarier than a horror film!


There are some things in life which are more scary than anything Jigsaw, Freddy, Jason or a pea soup spitting little girl can offer…. 1,794 more words


The Crevice

I am not entirely certain why he comes to see me every year for his physical.

Each visit is exhausting. I make a statement, he argues. 229 more words


So..No, We Don't Torture Cats.

So, my little kitty named Gadget had to get surgery from eating some rubber. His system was VERY clogged up. So after his surgery he had to wear the, “cone of shame.” If you got that reference that was from, “UP.” Anyways, we had to take the cone of shame off when he ate and drank water, I tell ya, it’s a lot of work. 441 more words


Ecuador, etc.

If you haven’t yet tried your hand at posting a blog  for every letter of the alphabet, you don’t know how difficult it can be to come up with something interesting for everyone of those darn 26 letters. 802 more words

Ecuador, Travel, Family, Adventure

A little bit of me-time

Currently I’m lounging in bed this Easter Monday, nibbling demolishing a Cadburys Twirl egg and bemoaning the burst water main in Cotsville which is keeping me unshowered. 609 more words


Re-reading Old Drafts

Is there anything more horrifying than reading something you wrote years ago?

……Or two days ago?

I’m pretty sure if a Boggart were to appear in front of me one dark and stormy night, it would take on the form of the manuscript I wrote in high school. 261 more words

On Writing