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50 Shades of Embarassment

Whether you can phantom it or not, the team that represented the United States at the World Cup of Hockey was built to “beat Canada”. 539 more words



To all the lovely ,it may concern. To all the people who may just burn;

In the midst of fall you wait,. For that one person who is always late, … 279 more words


Shut your cake hole

Blabbermouths are common in the real world. To your face or behind your back. So why not put them in the story? I love a good jerk, the one that makes you grip the book a little harder and hope they get their comeuppance or feel bad for what they’ve done. 372 more words


The singing girl

If you’ve walked through Inverness city center in the last week or so. You probably would have heardd the voice of this girl. She’s average looking, blonde and most likely somewhere in her teens. 589 more words


A Misguided Smile 

Have you ever smiled goodbye at someone and as you turn around the street the remnants of the smile are just dissipating from your face when a complete stranger looks you over and you’re half smiling at them. 60 more words


What broke me this time and what I intend to do about it (Part 1)

So my mother is a narcissist and pretty much conditioned me to be passive, non-confrontational, to take my punches and just turn the other cheek. She was good to me one moment and a monster the next. 832 more words

Emotional Abuse

Just trying to play it cool. 

When I arrived- I had everything figured out, I knew exactly what I was doing, I had been here before several times…and then I was left to my own devices. 368 more words