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The Wishing Map 59

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The Wishing Map

Chapter Fourteen: Two Spoos (Continued)

Previously: Barely returned from Ismara, Gina and Zack quickly alienated one another. 863 more words

Story Power

Why I thank God I was almost arrested last Tuesday

Last Tuesday, I was driving through the greater metropolitan area of Rockdale, in the rain, with my two daughters strapped into their car seats, my spinning wheel safely buckled into the passenger seat, and an audio book by Lois Lowry playing on the stereo. 1,230 more words

The Ski Lift

I’ve always been incredibly prone to injuring myself in an embarrassing manner.  If you don’t believe me, you should go back and check my post about my time stuck in a doggie door.  1,291 more words

Real Life And Stories And Stuff

Mexican Food Therapy

Getting to have lunch with a collegue is terrific therapy! Listening to how their life has challenges similar to mine… Priceless. I could actually breath as I drove back to the clinic. 54 more words

8 Ways to Conceal a Fart

We all do it. No sense in denying it. Unfortunately for women, men have created the illusion that women just don’t fart. In fact, they likely don’t have to use their butt for anything at all….Cept filling out a pair of apple bottom jeans. 655 more words

et alia: S#$t my family says (and does)...Installment ??

It was cold and windy on Tuesday…a textbook Winnie the Pooh “blustery day”…and I was idly pondering if Richard Armitage pumps his own gas as I stood at the pump with my hair blowing in my face.   200 more words

Skin I'm In

Inhaled the fumes from the refer smoke to numb the pain

caused by the realization that

because of the colour of my skin

I will never mean a fucking thing. 20 more words