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A word of advice from Ebay

I somehow stumbled across this when looking for shoes on the internet the other day;

“While women’s shoes play an important role in their overall appearance, wearing the wrong pair can lead to unwarranted consequences. 80 more words


Non-Fictional Fiction

Sam was dead tired.  The theory of young children draining adults of energy to expedite their growth had been proven true today. Six hours of chasing after a crawling niece while corralling a whiny four-year old nephew had left Sam barely able to shuffle up the stairs.   949 more words



I heard a commercial on the radio yesterday that jogged a highly repressed memory of something that I can honestly tag as one of my more embarrassing moments. 601 more words

My Daily Life

What is our Purpose in Life?

Most of us are not even sure where we are heading in our lives. In fact, it is a constant struggle for almost each of us trying to figure out “What exactly do I want to do with my life?” 640 more words

Life Lessons

That Awkward Moment When You Realize You've Accidentally Pressed "Publish"

Please accept my apology.  I was about to paste in an update to a post I’m working on, when I accidentally pressed “Publish”.  I’ll stop for the night now.

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First Game

Today I played in my first two lacrosse games ever. My nerves got the best of me. Well, more like the snow, 23 degree weather and 30mph winds got the best of me. 366 more words