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Excuse me...

Today is an important day… and I’m a little stressed I confess… usually I’m not like this but today is an important day as I said… 1,209 more words



Let’s say there’s this girl.

Pretty. Maybe she’s blond. Smart. Funny.

But I digress.

Suppose this girl shows up at a friend’s house for a little action, if you know what I mean. 172 more words


Freeing the Nipple...

There’s an event happening today at Hampton Beach, NH. It’s called the Free the Nipple event and it celebrates International Go Topless Day, a holiday that coincides with… 975 more words


For me

I guess I am to the point in my transition where people have stopped being newly supportive and happy for me. I have gotten less and less “how brave of you” comments each week since coming out. 180 more words

Attorney General Charges Embarrassing for Area?

SUNBURY — The besieged state attorney general continues to face mounting criticism and pressure to resign her position, after being charged criminally last week with perjury and obstruction of justice. 257 more words


The Holy Spirit Speaks. Part-Three.

To Jesus and to Us.

God in His Almightyness is not limited, but we mortals are by fear, embarrassment and tiredness, We constantly make excuses for our New Life, that we have not been equiped to do this or that. 56 more words

Bombardment Central

Even when I am well-intentioned, I tend to screw up. I don’t know if it’s that I don’t think things through, or I don’t know how things work so I don’t know what the outcome will really be — it could be a thousand things. 354 more words