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There's No Place Like Home, Especially When It Sells for a Profit

My realtor calls. The house was trashed when the buyers did the final walk through; my (officially) ex-husband didn’t do what he said he was going to do. 378 more words


Five Faux Pas I Can Now Get Away With

I have noticed that being a parent not only exposes moms and dads to new judgements, but also presents us with new opportunities to shirk social norms without raising eyebrows. 613 more words


Episode 437. Free-For-All Friday #22

Friday is here again and I have got some great blogs for you this week. I have not had that much time, but these posts have really caught my eye for various reasons. 166 more words



This has actually been difficult to write because well, its not a very pleasant thing to write about. Rejection is painful but when I took down my auto defence mechanisms (going on the offence or trying to reject the person/entity rejecting me) I realised I could find something valuable. 716 more words

P2: Chipotle.

Seems like I have to mark Chipotle under the list of “Places Kiyah Can’t Order From Anymore”.

After being the designated person to have a hopeless culinary vocab, I went as far as to tell my cashier to enjoy her meal.

Goodbye, World.


This is a Public Service Announcement to Future Presidents

As of today, July 27th, there are sixteen nominees for the Republican Presidential Candidate. That’s enough people to have a full roster in a game of basketball and send one to the D-League…cough Perry. 769 more words

Quantum Changes - 100 Words

I’m in the classroom and I’m 10.


Any minute now he’ll catch me talking and I’ll be sent to stand in the corner. They’ll all snigger and my beetroot-red face will be invisible against the wall. 90 more words