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Goodbye, Hugh

That stinging feeling, like a fresh sunburn, is unmistakable. That familiar weight fills your chest, your breath leaves your body, and your frame, once tall and strong, is now wilted and broken. 1,601 more words


5 Things Not To Do At School

This one is more for the new kids at school – gone from being the oldest and ~coolest~ to being younger than everyone and pushed around by people who sometimes are only a couple of months older than you. 483 more words


Parental Interference

As kids, especially as young adults, our parents often embarrass us. They speak when we wish they were silent. They wear dumb hats or clothes so out of style that even thrift stores wouldn’t want them. 387 more words

Writing Prompt


My throat tastes sour and I can’t breathe.

My heart beats at the expense of my sanity.

What can I do but grit my teeth, … 75 more words


Getting Used to Being Wrong

In life, if you aren’t regularly wrong or at least unsure, you aren’t doing new things; you aren’t exploring and learning.

In school they teach you that everything has 1 right answer, and if you don’t get that right answer you’re wrong, and wrong is bad.  343 more words


My Worst School Experience

Before I begin I just want to say that I know worse things have happened to people at school but this is the worst thing… 793 more words


Ginger nuts

(One from the archives)

I blame the hotel with its tea tray
So tempting just laid there, you know
While the shortbread could possibly linger, 565 more words