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Keeping face

I listened in horror as a friend of mine told me how at the age of fifteen and six months pregnant her mother had taken her to a ‘clinic’ to have the baby removed. 666 more words

Long layover, Part 3: Out of control

Gone native. Eating
chips doused in cheese, roast beef. Heart
attacks, pounds attach.

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Long layover, Part 1: Queen City Kitchen

How long can I sit
nursing a small coffee ’til
I’m kicked to the curb?

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Drool on my cheek, it’s
dark, daylight gone. Sat on couch,
crashed, kidnapped by sleep.

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Mom Friends

My family and I moved to Ohio from the suburbs of Chicago about 6 months ago. Outside of getting married and becoming a mother this has been my single biggest life change. 1,263 more words


Can't Stay Quiet About This Anymore

I’m fed up with the music scene.  That’s the main reason I stick with YouTube and avoid the radio at all costs.  The main problem is that I’m tired of no talent hacks selling so many albums while music I listen to gets ignored almost completely.  32 more words


No Shame, No Gain

Sometimes I wonder if there is any feeling worse than that of embarrassment. I’m not talking about the ‘Whoops, I tripped, I hope no one noticed,’ brand of embarrassment either. 2,260 more words