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Things worst done drunk.

At the beginning of this year I had the audacity to presume cessation from alcohol would in some way empower my existence with greater meaning. It was around last Christmas that I began to have sizeable doubts as to my ability to abstain from booze. 2,717 more words


From 11-xx-15

A story from a college-aged female friend:

“When I mention my sexual assault to people, I always take responsibility for it and make a joke out of it, because that’s what I feel like I’m supposed to do. 17 more words

WIAW: "Not Proud"

Yesterday I posted a recipe that, I must say, I felt pretty proud of. Unique, colorful, and oozing with nutrition and probiotics. Sooo many good things for your body. 1,082 more words


Save Yourself

At what point is it ok for a person to ask for help? This is subject I have always had difficulty with. At what point can you say: I’ve tried my best I really have, but I haven’t got much ‘try’ left in me anymore? 514 more words


Instagram-Induced Instability

In the system of collegiate romantic endeavors, the people are engaged in two seperate, yet equally important activities–flirting in person, and social media creeping. One woman sometimes destroys her entire life doing either. 309 more words

Being Funny

Empty Space

When you feel the emptiness of the air on your skin. When the quiet makes a space feel so daunting and illusive. When all the eyes turn to you and you are silently given the seemingly impossible task of filling the air. 104 more words


Embarrassment without a choice: 

People with ADD/ADHD have a lot of things in common.

Doctors believe many with ADD suffer from anxiety because their suroundings are louder, rooms seem more crowded, and thoughts race faster. 638 more words

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