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46- Easter Bunny

Spring is when I come into my sexual self. My sexual self can be a predatory bitch.

And I’m not sorry.

When we met out on Magazine a few weeks ago, you inserted some comments and a stare into our conversation that told me you were pretty sure you were smarter than me. 608 more words

10 Top Home Remedies for Gas and Gas Trouble


It is a known fact that gas production is a normal process due to the digestion of food in our body. But some people tend to produce more gas than others. 356 more words

Health Tips

7 ways to know your a LIGHTWEIGHT

Hey Lovelies <3

Thought I’d kick off this blog to a great start by popping open the champers and starting with a topic that I can safely say I’m well informed on, since I’m a 5’5 drunken mess. 199 more words


the wrong mother

If you are in relationship to the wrong person, she’s got a lot of plans for you, she has expectations for what you should do, and hence, she will be focused on what she thinks are your faults. 96 more words

To Spank or not to Spank: My take on discipline

I sat in a classroom full of eager college students years ago learning the ins and outs of basic human development.  I learned about the id and the ego.  1,051 more words



Three of the top propositions I had to face up to as a young girl and woman:

„Don’t make such a fuss!”

„Nobody’s going to steal anything away from you!” 607 more words


Bad Memories

My father has always kept a box of any paperwork that has to do with me since about 2009.  We cleaned it out today.  In it I found letters I had written my parents during some of the worst times of my life. 430 more words