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Pokemon: a confession #embarassed

You may have caught the news of the new must have, a sort of An App A Day  bit of fluff – Pokemon Go – which has just been released in the UK. 929 more words


Wardrobe Malfunction

In eighth grade, I accidentally walked out of the girls locker room with my shirt on but unbuttoned. The gust of air generated by opening the door made the sides of my shirt flutter open and it took only a half second for me to look down and realize my TERRIBLE oversight. 204 more words


The Logic of Fear (and Other Emotions)

“There is a logic— a language— to fear and anxiety, just as there is to most emotions. Anger says, ‘You are wrong.’ Embarrassment or shame says, ‘I am wrong.’ Fear says, ‘I am in danger…'” 25 more words

Metronome of my Soul

A friend was sharing an experience with me whereby he was on vacation with his family at a lake. His daughter and him went for a swim and, after taking a few strokes of a front crawl, he found himself exhausted. 668 more words


The Embarassing Plight of Mankind

Caution: Do not read this blog post while descending an escalator or otherwise moving.

I just witnessed an incredibly human occurrence. As I was speed-walking from one end of Penn Station to the other, mere minutes away from missing my 10:11 pm train (while simultaneously praising G-d for making me 5’8, majority of which is legs), the woman in front of me tripped while stepping off the unmoving escalator. 170 more words


Leave the temple a better you

A couple of month ago, I was invited to attend my sister’s endowment session. when my sister entered the celestial room for the first time. I told her how sorry I was that I didn’t make it in. 756 more words

Don't google yourself

I’ve always thought that with my generic white girl name I would be safe from the ‘adverse effects’ of my presence on the internet, but oh boy was I wrong. 588 more words