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The First Diagnosis

Note: As I mentioned last week, I’m chronicling my adventures into the land of sexual pain mainly to help educate, and help other women who may experience or will experience these types of issues. 1,758 more words

Running... Embarrassments... Injuries... Now what?

Back in junior high and high school, I ran cross-country and track. Unfortunately, not all of my running was super graceful. In middle school, my mom bought me a sports bra that zipped up the front. 993 more words


Would an Alisha by any other name be as awesome?

I feel like most people have a pretty straight-forward reason for their name. My mom is named after her grandmother. My uncle is named after his father. 644 more words


french kissing mom

pick up the tooth brush
swipe the gums
swap the tonuge
oops the wrong brush
look in disgust


The Don Quixote of Vidhya Nagar

The tacho needle revs to 7000 rpm, the engine screams at standstill, power shuddering through the fuel tank and to the handle bars. The screams are lost in the din, from the people passing and the two idling buses nearby. 274 more words


Quote for Today: Colleen Hoover

I know my mouth is agape and my eyes are wide, but I’m relieved that hope isn’t a tangible thing, because everyone around me would see mine crumbling. 9 more words

Quote For Today

3 fears that I have

Hey readers,

I be honest I am quite an anxious person most of the time so doesn’t take me much to get fearful so here are three my top fears. 364 more words